Mar 2, 2011

Gifts, Gifts and More Gifts, What Do I Have To Buy? Wedding Question Wednesday

Today's question is from Becca over at barefeet on the dashboard - Thanks Becca =)

Question: Should bridesmaids buy the bride an engagement gift, shower gift,  bachelorette party gift, and wedding gift?

Answer: LOL!! This question never gets old.  We first answered it back in 2008! The truth is, being part of a wedding is EXPENSIVE- so if you sign on to do it, be prepared to shell out some cash. I know, it kind of stinks, but its part of the deal. Some of the financial responsibility the will be required of you is:

1) Your Bridesmaid Dress
2) Your Shoes
3) Necessary accessories (unless gifted by the bride)
4) Contribution to the Shower (usually given by a brides bridesmaids)
5) Contribution to the Bachelorette Party (usually given by a brides bridesmaids and friends)
So, when it comes to the gifts, keep them simple and thoughtful, because YES if you are attending all the festivities, its appropriate to bring a gift of some sort. Here are some ides:

Engagement Party:
It's not totally not necessary to bring a gift, but a nice gesture.  Opt to bring something that celebrates them as a couple. A nice bottle of wine or champagne, or maybe something for them to use while planning their engagement and the upcoming big day.

Bridal Shower:
This is a more intimate of a gift. If the Shower is themed, go along with that. Some are home based others are honeymoon based. Stick to getting a gift that flows along those lines. If there is no theme, buy something they will use in or around the home, or something for the Big Day! Remember the groom too! Garden and tools are nice and always needed. TRY not to give something embarrassing at the shower as many of the brides "mature" family will be there =) Save the fun gifts for the bachlorette party.

Bachelorette Party:
This is a fun gift, usually lingerie or something for the honeymoon ;) While this gift is not totally necessary, but fun!

General rule here...Stick to the registry or give a gift card. If you are invited to a wedding it is appropriate for you to bring a gift.  If you can't make it to the wedding, you still should follow good etiquette and send a gift. Also good etiquette, send the gift to the brides home before the wedding and do not bring it to the reception.  Check out these post out for some wedding gift etiquette:  &

Keep this tip in mind:
Give only what you can afford! Be creative. Homemade gifts are always a hit! 

Here are some GREAT DIY sites that have tons of crafty ideas that your bride/groom will love: 

Photo Credit: Katie


Keshawn Durant said...

My wife loves to attend weddings and this is a great article. I will be sure to pass this on! Thanks for sharing.

Heidi said...

I second 'stick the to the registry'

I can't tell you how many decorative frames we got. A very nice thought, but if all of them were a $10 gift card we could put them together to get something we really needed to start out life together. :)

vivi b. said...

It's pretty different here in Manila. The couple pays for everything! People part of the entourage are just supposed to appear during the ceremony and nothing else.

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