Mar 9, 2011

Are You a Gracious Bride? Wedding Question Wednesday

Question: Am I a Gracious Bride?

Answer: Holly Lefevre from over at Hip Weddings has a FABULOUS list that EVERY bride should carry in her bridal bag. We have all seen the unsightly bride on TV.  She is demanding, pushy, rude, ungrateful, nasty, inconsiderate and above all...a Bridezilla! No one wants to remember themselves, their daughter, friend or sister as, "that bride".  So - READ this list, memorize it, and then go buy Holly's book so you are sure to keep up on everything Wedding Etiquette.

Top 10 Things A Gracious Bride Knows
(list provided by Hip Weddings)

1. Just because others do not know proper etiquette, doesn’t mean you should ignore it.

2. Be humble. You may be a bride now, but soon you will re-enter life as a mere mortal.

3. Respect tradition, but give it your own personal spin.

4. Mind your manners. “Please” and “Thank you” will take you a long way.

5. These people are your friends and family – they do not work for you, but are here to help you…because they love you.

6. Don’t assume anything - ask questions and get the details in writing.

7. These people are your GUESTS! Don’t keep them waiting and don’t ask them to pay for anything.

8. Treat your vendors kindly, and they will do the same for you.

9. Thank you notes are a must. It is never wrong to express your thanks to your parents, your guests, and your vendors.

10. If it doesn’t feel right don’t do it. When in doubt trust yourself.
Holly also has a new book coming out, The Everything Wedding Checklist Book: All you need to remember for a day you'll never forget (Everything Series)- you can check it out at Amazon.

Click here for Holly's Gracious Bride post.  Thanks Holly for being so knowledgeable!

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Bride: Photography By Soozie
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Jill said...

my grandma said that, when in doubt don't do it.

is it sad we have to remind people to say something as considerate as "please and thank you" ??

also, i can NEVER turn away from Bridezilla! hahaha!

Jill said...

also, who did you gal's pictures? jealous! you all take amazing and beautiful pictures! great page ladies!! always look forward to reading it..getting ideas for my own wedding...still date undecided :/

Heidi said...

great tips - #2 was great! :)

The BabbyMama said...

Great list! Unfortunately, as a bride, I was TOO gracious, and ended up letting a lot of people walk all over me when I ought to have asserted myself (politely, of course). I ended up with a wedding that wasn't quite what I wanted because of it.

Caren with a "C" said...

Great list! My sister was recently engaged for a few months and she took 'being the bride' way too far. It is too bad that TV shows give the opinion that you can do whatever you want without considering the feelings of others.

KDC Events said...

@ the BabbyMama- That's horrible! I hope it was still a great day for you =)

@ Caren: I know huh! Some brides are just way over the top. I always say that you get more with sugar than you do with spice =)

Thanks for visiting!

Kristy said...

Whatever happened to people sending thank you notes?!

vivi b. said...

Right right right! Thanks for the list =D

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