Aug 22, 2008

Baby on Board!!

Yup, there is a Baby On Board!!! So please forgive the sporadic posting that will occur in the next 7 months. I will do my best, but man...I have been TIRED and a little sick!


Aug 17, 2008

Soutern California Wedding Tips

Are you looking to get married in the Huntington Beach area? Our friend Leeann, over at Join the Gossip, recently spent a weekend as a Maid of Honor and has some tips. Check out where the ceremony was, and where NOT to buy a dress in the Huntington Beach area.

Thanks Leeann for sharing!


Aug 15, 2008

Do you want to write a post for Beauty Chat?

Beauty Chat is having a giveaway, and if you get to write the review on it! Stop by Beauty Chat and check out the Elizabet Grant giveaway titled, "Win, Sample, and Write! Elizabeth Grant Products up for one Lucky Guest Beauty Chatter."

The products consist of a 3 piece Vitamin C collection by Elizabeth Grant:
- Vitamin C Day Treatment ($59.99 value)
- Vitamin C Night Treatment ($69.99 value)
- Vitamin C Body Lotion ($39.99)

Hurry on over for your chance to be a GUEST BEAUTY CHATTER!!!


Aug 8, 2008

8/8/08 ~ Lucky Wedding Day!

Many couples are rushing to the alter today to get married. Why? you ask... it's a lucky day! Asians who observe Chinese numerology, feel that the lucky number eight means wealth and prosperity (hence why the Olymipcs are opening tonight).

Also, couples who are not familiar with Chinese numerology look at days like 8-8-08 as a date that is more memorable than others.

So for all you luck one's getting married today, we say CONGRATS!! Please feel free th share your special day with us!


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