Dec 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone from the Castillo Family! I hope your holidays are fabulous. Enjoy your friends and family =)


Dec 17, 2009

Christmas at Disneyland!

Two of my favorite things...Christmas and Disneyland, and when these two are combined, it's like heaven on earth for me!

If you have never been to Disneyland during the christmas season, I highly recommend you go. Not only is it beautiful, but it is magical! It puts you in the Christmas spirit and makes you feel like a kid all over again. From the sights to the sounds, it's amazing.

Main Street USA is all decked out with lights, decorations and a Christmas Tree that stands over 65 feet tall. The Main Street USA tree has over 2300 ornaments, and TONS of lights! There are Mickey shaped wreaths that line the street and ribbon, lots and lots of ribbon. You can check out all the fun facts about the Disney decorations directly from the Disney Blog.

The rest of the park is full of decorations as well. Each Land is specifically themed. There are so many Christmas trees scattered all through out the park. The Castle has been transformed into a winter wonderland. There is even a special enchanted Castle Dream Lights cermony in the evening. It is AMAZING!! And yes, it even snows at Disneyland!

My sons favorite part about Christmas at Disneyland is “A Christmas Fantasy” parade. He loves seeing all the characters, Gingerbread people, Reindeer and most of all Santa.

Have I convinced you to go yet? Well, if not here are a few more reasons:
-->Candy Apples
-->Characters dressed for the Holiday
-->It's A Small World transformed with thousands of lights- and featuring "Jingle Bells" and "deck the Halls"
-->Mickey Santa Hats
--> The Haunted Mansion Holiday featuring The Nightmare Before Christmas
--> Listening to Christmas Carols sung by real carolers on Main Street
--> Visiting Santa and his Reindeer at the Big Thunder Ranch
--> The Holiday Fireworks

Not in Southern California? Well if you are anywhere near DisneyWorld, you can check out the holidays there too! Cinderellas Castle has been decked out in over 200,000 lights!! You heard right, 200,00! Check out this post form the Disney Blog that highlights this attraction: 200,000 Lights Transforms Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World.

I hope you get a chance to go. It really is the best thing ever! Merry Christmas everyone!!

Photo Credit: ME! My camera work =)

Dec 6, 2009

Fabulous Party Planning Find!

I am an avid iPhone user, actually...I'm obsessed with my iPhone. I do EVERYTHING on it! While browsing the app store the other day, I found the greatest app of all time!! Liza's Simple Soiree Party Planner™.
Not that organized when it comes to planning a party? Well, this app is amazing, and just right for you. It helps you organize everything for a simple party. From putting together your guest list, and managing it, creating your menu and theme (decorations), and which stores to purchase them at! It will even help you create an invitation and email it from your phone!!! WOW!!

I highly recommend checking this out if you are an iPhone or iTouch user...It is a MUST have!!

You can also check it out on:
Facebook: Liza's Simple Soiree Party Planner
Twitter: LizaRiveraSalta
Or just check out the App store on your iPhone or iTouch!

Let me know what you think of it, I LOVE IT!!!!


Nov 18, 2009

A Family Wedding

Recently Katie and Cindy embarked on yet another adventure...a family wedding! The two wonderful ladies helped a couple exchange vows in a backyard that was transformed into a dream.

With tons of twinkle lights and a nature theme, Katie and Cindy showed off some spectacular work. Katie even hand sculpted a chirping bird cake topper, complete with hand embroidered name banner.

These two never skimp on anything! Below are some photos from the event:


Nov 9, 2009

Healthy Find!

While browsing our Twitter Followers, I stumbled upon a great find: .

This site is fabulous for many reasons:
1) They are encouraging Brides to be HEALTHY!!
2) Fitness success stories
3) There is a team of qualified experts
4) A Health Bride Blog
5) A Bridal Fitness page with different workouts and programs

The reason this is so amazing is that in today's world, people are so quick to take the "easy route" that they tend to do it the unhealthy way. I think it is great that there are support systems out there that are willing to help you do it the "right" way!

So, cruise on over and check it out:!


Nov 6, 2009

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

Yesterday I embarked on a journey with my sister in law, the Bride to be, to find the perfect bridesmaid dress. This my friends, is no simple task. There are THOUSANDS of dresses out there in hundreds of different colors, lengths, fabrics, styles etc.

So, how do you find that perfect dress? Here are some questions that the Bride needs to consider:

1) How many bridesmaids will I have?
This is important due to how your photos will look

2) What are the size ranges of my bridesmaids?
You need to know this because not every designer has a size "0" or plus sizes

3) What are the ages of my bridesmaids?
If you have younger bridesmaids (under age 16) you need to be sure the dress is age appropriate. Same goes if you have an older bridesmaid.

4) What are the budget restrictions of my bridesmaids?
Make sure that your bridesmaids can afford their dress, as well as accessories, shoes etc.

5) What are the skin tones and hair color of my bridesmaids?
A yellow dress may not look as nice on a pale bridesmaid as it does on a tanner one. Same with the hair, A hot pink dress may not flow as nicely on a bridesmaid with red hair as it does on one with Brown.

6) Do I want a dress that is cut/styled similar to mine?
Do you want it to match the style of your dress or look completely different?

7) Do I want a long dress or short dress?
Keep this question in mind when thinking of your bridesmaids. Will everyone have matching shoes to accompany a short dress? Is it an outside wedding? Consider the climate you are having in as well. A long dress will not go well with a hot, summer day!

8) Will my bridesmaids all wear the same dress?
Some prefer to have the bridesmaids all in the same color, but the style is left to the individual bridesmaid to choose. Some Brides also like their Maid of Honor to be in a different dress than the bridesmaids.

9) What is the season and time of my wedding?
This can be a huge factor in deciding color, length and fabric. Keep the dress in line with the climate and surroundings.

10)What color am I looking for?
Keep this in mind when choosing the colors and theme of your wedding. Make sure the colors you want are available!

Crazy you say? Well this is a shortened list. We could go into so much more detail! I know you are all thinking..."Is it really that difficult?" YES it is! Finding the perfect dress, and keeping your bridesmaids happy is important for wedding day bliss.

I know there are lots of you out there with bridesmaid dress horror stories, and we here at KDC Events would LOVE to hear about them and SEE THE PHOTOS!!! Send them to us at: We will feature your story and photos here!


Nov 1, 2009

Halloween Fun!

So, yesterday was Halloween and we had such a great day! I love Halloween, it is fun and everyone seems to love getting involved. From the little to the old, Halloween knows no boundaries. People are even using this holiday to get MARRIED!!

I thought I would use this post to share some of the fun ideas I have come across.

My Friend and Sorority Sister Kim, is a huge fan of this holiday. Here are some recent pics of the "Spooky Cuisine" she served at her recent shin-dig:

Her Spooky Appetizer of Deviled Eyes... I mean Eggs & Severed Fingers or Lil' Smokies, and a Main Course of Worm Sandwiches (hot dogs). Thanks Kim for sharing!

Eyeballs = deviled eggs. I just added green food coloring to the "yoke" mix, put a sliced green olive on top and used red food coloring and toothpick to give it the bloodshot look.

Severed Fingers = Little Smokies. Take one package of little smokies and bluntly cut the ends off of them. This will make them look severed. Insert a sliced almond into the tip of the other end so it appears to be a finger nail. Cut 3 slits in the middle of the sausage. When cooked, this will look like a knuckle.

For the Main Course: Worm sandwich = basically hot dogs. Take a package of hot dogs and cut them into long strips. Boil them in water until they start to curl. Toss them in a bowl with ketchup (appears to be blood) and add to the bun. Super easy.

Then, there is always the Carved Pumpkins. People are getting very creative with these, Here are a few:

I also love seeing the creativity that comes out in costumes. I love when I see a homemade costume:

Well, there you go... you now have some fun ideas for next year! Thanks to all my friends for letting me share.


Photo Credit: Kim, Alyssa, Eileen and Myself!

Oct 23, 2009

A Wedding Means Exercise!

Ok, you all know what I am talking about. Your friend or family member ask you to be in their wedding, and all of a sudden, you look like a deer in the headlights...HUH??? Yup, we all do it. We immediately think, "I need to go on a diet and lose weight before this wedding!"

I have a confession...I am currently in this state of mind! My sister in law is getting married in the spring of 2010, and I am desperately trying to get rid of my recently pregnant body! In my search for the perfect diet, easiest exercise plan, best slimming undergarments, I located this interesting web site; also know as was created in 2007 by two stay at home moms (Annie Ilichney and Kimberly Koelle) who were looking for a way to get and stay in shape, amidst their busy schedules. Thus, the idea of fashionable weighted bracelets was born. offers the most fashionable exercise equipment yet! They offer two, unique fashion accessories to any woman's wardrobe. One you see and one you don't. Here is how the they describe their products:

BANGLZ are comfortable, weighted bracelets and anklets worn like jewelry all throughout the day. Banglz add a slight resistance to convert your daily routines into daily exercise OR to maximize your exercise time or low-impact workout.

The SMARTSLIP is the exercise superslip that works you out and has an ultra-slim fit all at once! The resistance in this amazing fabric targets the hips, glutes and legs while you walk and move during the day, giving you a lower body workout with each step.

"BANGLZ and SMARTSLIPS are wearable workouts that integrate exercise throughout your usual day."

Sign me up, I am ordering mine today! Hopefully it will aid me in my weight loss journey to my sister in laws wedding!

Oh ya...I one more thing I would like to mention; right now, is offering one lucky KDC Events reader a free pair of Banglz Wrist Weights!!

Just leave a comment as to how these fashionable weighted bracelets would help aid YOU in your fitness journey. We will choose one luck reader on OCTOBER 31.

Good luck and Have fun! We are looking forward to your responses.

Photo Credit:

Oct 19, 2009

Martini Theme Reception

Hello Everyone!

I know, it's been a long time. I forgot how much work was involved in having a baby...and then I had to learn to juggle taking care of my 6 year old, hubby, house and work! Needless to say, I am starting to get the hang of it!

Now on to weddings!

My sister in law is getting married in the Spring and she wants to have a Martini Themed Wedding Reception! SOOOOO, I am looking for ideas! You name it; centerpiece, flowers, giveaways, decorations, signature drink, etc. We need it all.

If you have any great ideas, please SHARE!! If we use your idea, we will feature you here on

Thanks and let the ideas pour in... =)


Jun 9, 2009

Looking for a Cake Stand?

Have you ever looked at the cake table at a wedding and thought, "It's just missing something!" Well I recently received a site that will take care of that problem: was brought to light by Owner ~ Kathy Jo Peterson. An event planner herself, she saw the need and provided an option.

I highly suggest you check out this site if you have upcoming nuptials, your guests will be thoroughly impressed!



Jun 2, 2009

He's Here!

So I had the baby on March 20. He is a beautiful, healthy baby. We named him Cooper Gregory Castillo. He is perfect...if only he would sleep!

Now that my life is somewhat returning to normal, I will be returning to writing regular post on KDC!! Thanks for being patient.



Feb 22, 2009

Wedding Question Wednesday...Will Return!

Please, send us your questions! Wedding Question Wednesday will be returning!


Feb 19, 2009

Birthday Fun!

Katie and Cindy recently helped with a birthday party for their 13 year old cousin. It was an Alice in Wonderland themed party and it was amazing!! They had card people and a photo op (of course) that was the White Rabbits cottage.

They even had an amazing cake by Alicia! Here are a few photos. I tell you...these two are so creative and amazing!!

Just thought you would enjoy these awesome photos!


Feb 2, 2009

My Baby Shower

So my best friends out did themselves...again! Katie and Cindy threw me a "Jack" themed baby shower. For those of you who do not know, the baby's name is going to be Jackson, and they made great use out of it!

They hand made Jack-in-the-Box centerpieces with Jack-Jack (from the movie The Incredibles) heads, had Jacks (the game) on the table along with a box of Cracker Jacks for each guest to take home.

My cake was a Jack in the box, and was FABULOUS!! They are so wonderful. The games were even "Jack" themed...Name famous Jacks...person, place, or things...Can you do it??

Thank you Katie and Cindy for making me feel so special. I love you two so much.

(Yes, they made these blocks by hand too! In this pic: Katie, Beth, Cindy, Jacquie, Me and Norah)


Jan 29, 2009

I Won!

I never win anything, but the other day, I entered a contest on a great site, professional hair care, and I won the $50 gift certificate to Salon Hive!!

I am so excited, I need a new straightener badly!!!

Check out the sites, they are awesome!

Have a great day, and THANKS AGAIN!!!


Jan 26, 2009

Brides turns 75

Brides magazine is celebrating 75 years of helping you plan your big day. The Today Show looks at the past 7 decades of bridal bliss. From engagements to the lavish ceremonies, Brides Magazine has covered it all.

Check out the full story at the Today Show on NBC.

Have a fabulous day!


Jan 13, 2009


OK, so I know we have been M.I.A. It's all this pregnancy's has been a killer on me. Even though I am at home, I find it very difficult to concentrate on doing anything! I hope to get back on track soon, I promise!

In the mean time, check out these fabulous post by some fabulous bloggers:

Makeup Bag- Barbie Loves Stila

Beauty in Real Life- How to Create A 5 Minute Face

Smooth Heals- The best foot cream ever

Gwendolyn's Gate- for skin care needs


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