Apr 29, 2008

Wedding Question Wednesday - Rehearsal Dinner

Our question today deals with the Rehearsal Dinner. I was recently asked,

"Who should attend the rehearsal dinner? Just the wedding party, or whom ever we want?"

Well, this is an excellent question!

We here at KDC Events feel this one can fall either way. We agree with the more traditional aspect of the rehearsal dinner in the fact that it is for the "Wedding Party". It is customary that the mother and father of the groom pay for the dinner and it include all those with an involved role in the planning, and may possibly include any family members who have traveled from out of town.

BUT, now days the bridal couple is starting to foot the bill. Sometimes the bride and groom want to include a few more friends and family, and show their gratitude for all the help and support they may have received while planning their big day.

I googled Rehearsal Dinner Etiquette and found these interesting articles:
Hit Weddings- The Wedding Rehearsal Dinner
Ezine Articles- Rehearsal Dinner Etiquette
The Knot- Wedding Rehearsals: The Basics

We hope this helps. Just remember, ultimately, it is YOUR day and you should have an event that reflects your personality as a couple. If tradition is not up your alley, then get creative!

If you have been to a creative, non traditional, rehearsal dinner, share it with us!

Photo Credit: Denice-2001 wedding rehearsal

Tag You're It!

This is going to be fun!!!

Here are six of my ‘quirks’

1. I don't really like cake-unless it is Pillsbury FunFetti
2. I organize everything when I am stressed (my desk, my purse, other peoples desks)
3. I am missing 3 internal body parts: Tonsils, Appendix and Gallbladder! My staff says I am a walking miracle (thanks Chuck)!
4. I have worked at the same place since I was a freshman in high school (yes that is over 13 years, but it is with my family).
5. I absolutely can not eat any type of meat on a bone- so NO hot wings or ribs for me!
6. If my food touches on a plate, I am done eating...I like my food separate- no mingling!

I’m tagging…

1. Springbrook Soap co
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5. House of Raquel
6. Beauty by Kimmi

The rules are as follows:

* Link the person who tagged you
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* Tell about six unspectacular quirks of your’s
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Have fun!

Apr 15, 2008

Wedding Question Wednesday ~ No More Sore Feet!

Today's question is not really a question, but more of a solution. I am a huge fan of Foot Petals. I have one of their product in every pair of shoes I own. Foot petals has solutions for every shoe aliment you can think of.


As I was browsing my myspace site today, I came across this bulletin from Foot Petals:
"No one wants their big day ruined by painful feet!" And a huge image of their product "Runaway Bride!" What a sassy name for a product. The kit contains:

1 Pair Each:
Tip Toes (White Lily)
Heavenly Heelz (Silver Rose)
Strappy Strips (White Lily)
Killer Kushionz (White Lily)
Petal Plusheez (Rose)

2 Pairs:
Sole Stopperz (Clear)


These are the perfect tools for every bride to pamper her feet on her big day. And YES, I can speak from experience, I have tried the Tip Toes, Killer Kushionz and Heavenly Heelz. Take it from me ladies, these are FABULOUS!!!

I know we all have our horror stories of wearing the wrong shoes to an important event, please don't make the same mistake on your wedding day! Get your own Foot Petals!

Photo credit: Foot Petals

Apr 12, 2008

Avon's Mission ~ Empower Women

I just received this fabulous bracelet from Avon. It is the Woman's Empowerment Bracelet and it's purpose is to help raise funds to stop the violence against women around the world.

Avon, along with their Global Ambassador, Reese Witherspoon, and UNIFEM are trying to raise funds to help bring awareness to this global problem. The bracelets will sell for $3 each and all net profits will be donated to the Avon Empowerment Fund. In 2008, the Avon Foundation will match the first $500,000 in bracelet sales for a total donation of $1 million for new grant-making by the UN Trust Fund.

"One out of every three women in the world is affected by domestic violence. I am proud to be a part of this Summit, and I support Avon and UNIFEM wholeheartedly in their efforts to put an end to this global epidemic, and as honorary chair of the Avon Foundation, I'm also very excited to introduce the Avon Women's Empowerment Bracelet." ~ Reese Witherspoon

So, do you have yours? If not, get one! It is a simple way to help other women around the world.

Need an idea of who to buy them for: Your mother, you sister, your friends, YOUR BRIDESMAIDS!!!

Contact your local Avon representative, or go directly to the AVON website.

Photo credit: Avon

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Apr 8, 2008

Wedding Question Wednesday- Wedding Favors

Today's question comes from a random discussion amongst co-workers at my day job, PlasticSurgery.com. We were discussing wedding party favors. One lady asked, "is it necessary to have a favor for each guest and if so what should it be?"

This is a fabulous question! The gals of KDC Events feel that YES, it is respectful to give your guest a parting favor from your big day. Your guests spend a lot of money attending your wedding; it is nice to show them you appreciate it. We strongly feel that the favor should be one of two things:

1) Something reusable (and we don't mean a champagne glass with your name on it or bubbles). We mean something tangible! Maybe a wine stopper, candle or mini frame.

We recently tried these fabulous candles from Travertine Spa. They are Bergamot Soy Wax Candles, and they smell fantastic! It is a fragrance of fresh bergamot blended with citrus, for a soft scent. Each candle is adorned with a band of light-enhancing prisms that are beautiful and chic!

They look very elegant and would go in almost any home decor...after the wedding. You could also use them as wedding shower gifts, or gifts for your wedding party. You can purchase these directly from Travertine Spa.

2) Something edible! If the guest can eat it, the happier they are! Couples are getting very creative with this one. We have seen the traditional Hershey Kiss filled bag, and Jordan Almonds all they way to a custom candy bar catered to the bride and grooms favorite sweets.

So YES, wedding favors are necessary! Get creative and show your guests some love!


Share your favorite wedding favor with us!

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Apr 6, 2008

Beauty Details

As you all know (or might not), My day job consists of working as a Project Manager for PlasticSurgery.com. I love it! It is fun and ever changing. Recently we launched a social note work called BeautyDetailsOnline.com. It is a community dedicated to discussing all things beauty related; from plastic/cosmetic surgery to make-up and weight loss.

I recommend checking it out and joining. There are a lot of great discussions and groups. Just to give you a sneak peak, there is makeup junkies, weight loss, celebrities and plastic surgery, beauty chat and much more!

It's fun, check it out!

Visit Beauty Details

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Apr 4, 2008

My Little Guy is Turning 5

So my baby is about to be 5. WOW! Time sure does go by fast. It feels like yesterday I was bringing him home.

So with this passage from baby to kid, he gets to choose his own party. Well, he chose Spongebob. Yup, a Spongebob party it is. SO, I will be looking for creative ideas to turn my backyard into Bikini Bottom.

If you have any ideas, please share them, AND YES, I will post photos of the event!

Thanks friends!

Photo Credit: Nick Toons

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Apr 3, 2008

Wedding Question Wednesday - I forgot...AGAIN!

Ok, I am starting to slack on the Wedding Question Wednesday! No excuses...I worked all day and then I was home with my 5 year old who has pink eye! Cabin fever set in and I became his playmate. I apologize! We will be back in force next Wednesday...I PROMISE!

Have a question...let us know!

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