May 29, 2008


Hello everyone!

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May 28, 2008

Wedding Question Wednesday - No Children Please!

Our question today comes form Kacie-

"Is it proper to put
no children please in the invites?

This is a fabulous question, one that I am sure causes much stress for many brides! I can also speak from personal experience on this one. I had to include this very message on my invitations due to spacing issues. It is a delicate subject, and you want to be sure you do not offend anyone.

Be sure you state it in a way that is non-offensive. Simply stating NO CHILDREN may offend those who have them. The way I did it was to state that there was an "Adult Reception immediately following the ceremony."

The one exception to my "Adult Reception" was that I let family members bring their children. But that was it!

I think the best thing to do is be honest. Ask yourself, "Why do I not want children at the event?" If you can't come up with a really good reason, then I would leave it off the invites. If you can, then make sure you do it in a way to not offend your guest. Just remember, they will be spending a lot of money on you and to attend your wedding.

Need help finding invitations? Check out this fabulous site:
- Party Invitations Blog

Check out some of these Diva's (courtesy of the divapreneur network)
- Jenny Moore
- Marisa of So Inviting Paper

Have you run in to a sticky situation before regarding "no children?" Let us know!

May 26, 2008

Showers- "To Drink Or Not To Drink?"

This questions always seems to surround showers, bridal or baby. Is it ok to drink? The answer...not a clear one! I guess it would all depend on the guests attending the shower. It pays to be respectful, but it also pays to have a good time!

If the shower is packed full of grandmas, aunts, little cousins, and an unapproving mother or mother in law, then I would lean towards a "NO Drinking" shower. You want your guests to feel comfortable and relaxed. Introducing any sort of alcoholic drinks may make some feel like they are outsiders.

Then again, I have been to many bridal showers that have a nice amount of drinks and the tone is correctly set. It is done in a way that is classy. It is clearly stated in the way the alcohol is presented that it is not a "who can get drunk first" and "who wants to play beer pong?" type of shower.

To do this, just serve wine and or a themed cocktail. That's it. No open bar or ice chest full of beer. There is nothing more embarrassing (or unladylike) than to have a bride and all her bridesmaids be smashed at her shower (not to mention it gives people a lot to talk about).

Keep it nice for those attending. Save the "party" for your Bachlorette shin-dig. Relax with those who are showering you with presents and wishing you well on your new journey!

Have a different opinion, let us know!

Photo credit: Denice (it's Katie at her sister Soozie's shower in 2005)

May 21, 2008

Wedding Question Wednesday - Bachlorette Party

So today I am a day late...but it's better than forgetting!

Today our question comes from a long time friend of mine. Kaci and I have know each other since high school (yes that's like 11 years ago). Well, Kacie is getting married and is looking for Bachlorette Party information and ideas, so here we go!

Rather than plan the event for you (that could take days!) we want to supply you with resources that will help build a memorable night for you and your girlfriends!

We have combed the Internet and our friends to come up with these resources:

Over all ideas:
Bridesmaid 101


Bachlorette Destination - Party Weekend

Remember, the idea is to have an unforgettable night! Have a good bachlorette party idea? Please share it with us!

Photo credit: Denice at Soozies bachlorette party in 2005

May 14, 2008

Wedding Question Wednesday - Must read book!

We are question-less this Wednesday! But have no fear, I have a great find for you!

As I was thumbing through the recent People Magazine, I came across a small article on a book called, "The Wedding Book" by Mindy Weiss. Wendy is a favorite with stars such as Eva Longoria-Parker and Heidi Klum.

The book gives tips on making your event unique, letting your finance have some fun, test driving your footwear and remembering that you can't please everyone.

So, if you're stuck and not sure what to do with your special day, I suggest checking out Mindy's web site and book (I sure am!). It is a one-stop-shop for all event related questions. Her blog is fantastic, and her store offers the cutest event must haves!

Check her out, she is amazing!

photo credit:

May 13, 2008

Check Out Beauty Details!

My day job consists of working as a Project Manager for It is fun and ever changing. Recently we launched a social network called It is a community dedicated to discussing all things beauty related; from plastic/cosmetic surgery to make-up and weight loss.

I recommend checking it out and joining. There are a lot of great discussions and groups. Just to give you a sneak peak, there is makeup junkies, weight loss, celebrities and plastic surgery, beauty chat and much more!

It's fun, check it out!

Visit Beauty Details

Hosted by

May 7, 2008

Wedding Question Wednesday- Bridal Shower

Dear Wedding Question Wednesday,

I need help!! I have never planned a bridal shower before (only attended). What are the necessities for the event? I don't want to leave anything out!

Leeann (join the gossip)

Hey Leeann! Thanks for the question!

Planning a bridal shower can be so much fun, but a lot of work. Here are some tips we hope help you out!

1) Plan ahead - way in advance (at least 1 month before the wedding)
2) Cater the event towards the brides personality
3) Make it a theme all will enjoy
4) Compile a reasonable guest list for your budget
5) Give all those invited ample time to plan
6) Have fun!!

Here are a couple of interesting and helpful sites: (shower games)

I hope this helps Leeann! Let us know, and thanks for your question!

May 2, 2008

Spongebob Invasion!

Well, the party went off with out a problem! The kids had such a great time! It was a little windy and cool, but the good old southern California weather pulled through in the end and it was sunny and warm!

I decorated the outside patio to give the effect that you were under water. I did this with different shades of blue streamers hanging from the patio. I had blue and green balloons staggered around. I used pink balloons with pink streamers attached to simulate jelly fish. It was super cute.

I had huge scene graphics of each character scattered around the yard, and a huge Spongebob themed bouncer.

I really think the kids had a great time! Thank you to all who sent me idea sites! I used something form every single one!

Let me know what you think of the pictures!

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