Jul 30, 2008

Wedding Question Wednesday- Grooms Gift

Today's question comes from Kacie- "When do you give the grooms gift? At rehearsal with everyone else or on the wedding day? If on the wedding day, how do you get it to him without seeing him?"

Here is what I would do: Give it to your lucky guy at the wedding. When Ryan and I got married we had a special moment, right before the ceremony where in the brides room, alone (well sort of, the photographer was there at first) and we got to chat and exchange gifts before the ceremony. This was nice, we were able to get out all the jitters before hand!

If you want to wait, and do it after the ceremony, do it right after, BEFORE the craziness of the photos, and the reception. Tell everyone you want 15 minutes, after the ceremony... alone! Instruct your maid of honor and best man to guard the room so no one bothers you. It is a nice moment for the two of you. It gives you the chance to savor the day and reflect before you entertain your guest for the remainder of the night.

I hope this helps! Let me know how it goes!


Jul 22, 2008

Personal Wine?

Yes, I am a wineo and I love it. In fact, I love anything that has to do with wine. I find it relaxing and fabulous. So, according to me, there is no better gift for ANY occasion than WINE!

I recently had a chance to pick the brain of Alex Andrawes, the CEO of Personal Wines. Personal Wines is a great idea. Basically, they customize the wine bottle for you and your occasion. You choose the wine and you choose the label! Fabulous...I know!

Here is what Alex had to share with me:

Denice: What was your inspiration for creating Personal Wine?
Alex: I was sitting at a bar discussing cool business ideas with a friend. The idea popped out and we decided to make a run for it. Sometimes good ideas happen best when you are sitting in a bar with a friend!

D: What is the philosophy behind Personal Wine?
A: To pair up marketing gurus, graphics designers and wine aficionados to collaborate on a cool custom wine company. Our philosophy is to give the highest level of customer service teamed up with an excellent wine menu.

D: Can you tell me about a wine lable you especially enjoyed creating?
A: We created one a few weeks back for Oscar de la Hoya for a congratulatory event (boxing). We’ve also just finished up a season wrap for the voice cast of the Simpsons. My favorite orders tend to be orders from the obscure. These would be for memorial services for departed loved ones who have requested wine at their memorial or even a nice touching 50th wedding anniversary. The pinnacle of orders was our first request for a marriage proposal to be on the bottle. What an honor!

D: Do you have any suggestions on ways to preserve and display the wine bottles after the big day?
A: The best way to preserve a custom wine bottle is to keep it from direct sunlight (office or natural home light is fine) and to put it on the shelf. We have packaging like wooden boxes (which we can etch as well) that allow you to safely store the wine in the event that you want to drink it a few years down the road.

D: What are some of the top occassions you prvide lables for?
A: Corporate events (entertainment parties), big corporate deals like mergers, weddings, and golf tournaments.

D: What is your favorite wine and why?
A: My favorite wines are Syrah as it has the highest level of resveratrol, a molecule that scientists at Harvard discovered to have anti-aging and anti-cancer properties. Its also rich, bold and really tannic, which I like. I love wines with a deep and complex body.

So there you have it! YOU NEED Personal Wine for your next event or ocasison! Call them up, check out their web site and blog. Did I mention it's fabulous? Don't forget to mention that Denice at KDC Events sent you!

photo credits: Personal Wine

Jul 17, 2008

Us...A Preimo Award!

Leeann over at one of my favorite blogs, Join the Gossip, nominated KDCEvents.com for a Preimo Award! Now it's our turn to pay it forward. Here are some of our favorite reads:

Show your support and nominate 7 of your favorite reads...is KDC one of them? Love you you all for tuning in! Have a great night!


Jul 16, 2008

Wedding Question Wednesday- Gifts

I received this question for my co-worker, Stephanie. She asks, "If you are invited to the engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party and the wedding are you required to get a gift for all there events?"

This is a great question Stephanie! I don't think there is a definite yes or no answer, but here are my thoughts.

If you are invited to the engagement party, all that is required is a card! That's it, unless you are the parents, grandparents or sibling, then a little more may be required.

If you are invited to the shower you definitely need to bring a gift, preferably something for the bride or off the registry. Some showers these days are themed, so you know what type of gift to bring.

If you are invited to the bachelorette party, I don't believe a gift is necessary, but usually a gag gift of some sort, OR you can assist in bringing something necessary for the night (ie: drinks, food, etc.)

For the wedding, it is ok, to again, buy off the registry or simply give a gift card or money.

I guarantee in 10 years (heck, maybe even 2), the bride and groom will not even remember what they received as gifts from the showers or wedding.

Just remember, give only with in your means. Do not go into debt supplying the bride and groom with the top of the line blender. Only buy what you can afford.

I hope this helps! Let me know.

Photo credit: Denice's wedding

Jul 11, 2008

Wedding Question Wednesday- On Vacation This Week!

Hey Everyone!

I am on vacation for most of the week and will return to publishing blogs the week of the 14! Thanks for being patient!

I will be in Carson City, Nevada visiting my sister and her family, and then I am going right in to planning spirit week for my day job at PlasticSurgery.com and BeautyChatBlog.com.

Thanks for bearing with me, I will return with some fabulous posts!


Jul 1, 2008

Wedding Question Wednesday- Did you RSVP?

Today's question comes form Charlie P- "Is is appropriate to call people who have not RSVP in the time allotted?"

Well, Mr. P, in today's economic times, I we say...YES! With the cost of weddings going up, we feel that it is absolutely appropriate for you to call those guest who have neglected to RSVP and give their "Yay" or "Nay".

One idea I (Denice) had received while planning my own wedding was to number each response card and then place that corresponding number on my guest list. That way, if a card was returned to me with no name, I knew who it belonged to, and I could weed out the ones who did not RSVP. I did end up calling those individuals who did not RSVP, and believe it or not, there were quite a few who "thought" they sent in the response card or said they did, but it was lost in the mail.

I will say one thing, I ONLY think it is appropriate to call family or very close friends. I do NOT think it is appropriate to call co-workers, acquaintances or other invites that are not close to you. If you did, it may come off as rude or pushy.

If you need etiquette help, I recommend checking out:


Since this is such a touchy subject, we would like to know your thoughts... please share!

Photo credit: my wedding!

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