Aug 9, 2010

Tahitian Themed Bridal Shower

We are at it again with the tropical themes.  I guess we love them and they come easy to us! So here we go...

We recently put together a bridal shower for a great friend.  She is getting married in July and lives at the beach so the Tahitian/Tropical theme just just fit.  We were able to recycle a lot of our decorations form past parties (50th anniversary, birthdays etc).  It was a small, so we were able to go a little over the top on food and drinks.

We simplified the centerpiece to be functional and fun.  We used sand and HOMEMADE bamboo, flower pens. Yes...homemade!  Sometimes Katie and Cindy get so creative I could just die.  Where they come up with these things is beyond me. But hey, that's why we are a good team, they are creative and I help organize and execute! Anyways, back to the pens:

We wrapped the patio posts in a burlap fabric and used real palms out the top to look like trees:

The famous KDC Event photo op was present (recycled from the anniversary party):

We served appetizers and a main course. The appetizers were delicious, see below for photos and details. For the main course we served chicken and beef kabobs with fresh veggies, coconut cilantro rice, and pasta salad.

For the appetizers we had delicious grapes that were rolled in a cream cheese/blue cheese mixture covered in shaved almonds, and an artichoke Parmesan mixture stuffed in homemade won ton cups A beautiful fruit and veggie tray.  We also served a signature drink, called a Tropical Honeymoon:

Beef and Chicken Kabobs with delicious, Fresh Veggies and Coconut Cilantro Rice:

The cake was a Momma Labonte original complete with surfer girl cake topper (thanks to Cindy):

It was such a fun shower to put on.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Let us know what your thoughts are on it, Thanks!


Photo Credits: Us =)


Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Great job! You ladies are always on point :-)

Join the Gossip said...

WAY cute! You ladies really have an eye for party planning. Great themes that work so well!

Janie Coffey said...

after all that Tahiti stuff on Bachlorette, how appropriate is this! What a fun theme! It looks so yummy I could just dive in!

Cindy (Prime Beauty) said...

the decorations are so cute, but the FOOD--I'm sooo hungry now and it's all presented so nicely. Great job!

Kate @ This American Wife said...

Very cute! That cake looks DEEE-LISH!

And Denice, thanks so much for stopping by! After a three hour long blogging session last night, I'm FINALLY back on track. How about you ladies?

KDC Events said...

Thanks everyone! We love doing this type of party =)

@Kate- we are getting back on track...slowly!!

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. What great timing you have, just last night I was writing a post about the difficulty of planning an event when there are a number of people involved in the process. I'd love to hear how you manage that. If you have any interest in adding some tips to my post, you can contact me and I'll add a link to your blog. You can reach me at:

Again, thanks for stopping by. I love event planning sites. It's always fun to see the color palettes used for different occasions.

KDC Events said...

@Karen- so excited for your upcoming post next week...Stay tuned KDC readers =0)

Elizabeth said...

oooh, I love everything about it! I was married in Hawaii - so I'm all about this tropical event! I'm especially in LOVE with the cake though. How simple & elegant - yet so appropriate for the event! Love it!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, visiting from SITS. Everything looks great. Its easy to see how much hard work went into it. There was no theme when I got married. Poor me :D My Read-A-Thon Updates

Amanda said...

absolutely gorgeous

Life with Kaishon said...

Wow. This is GORGEOUS. What a great shower. I know she had to love all the special touches. That flower pen is fantastic for sure!

KDC Events said...

@Elizabeth- I too love tropical events, they make me feel like I am on vacation! The cake was DELICIOUS!!!!

@SenoraG- A lot of work went into this event, but it was so worth it

@Amanda- Thank you!

@Lifewith Kaishon- The pen was the hit of the night!

Just Lola said...

Thank you so much for the comment, and wow - really cool. :)

Tropical? What a nice idea for a bridal shower! ♥

Melanie said...

How BEAUTIFUL!!!! That is breathtaking! Great job!

Have a wonderful weekend!
~ ~

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