Feb 8, 2010

Save the Date!

It seems as the years fly by...literally, people are more busy than ever. I don't remember people being this busy when I was a kid. Things seemed to happen slowly, not as fast as they do today. I mean, I can't believe Cooper is going to be a year old in 7 weeks! Where does the time go?

Well, as people get busy, and time moves faster, it is a good idea to notify them in advance of upcoming events (wedding, parties, etc). I like receiving an advanced notice that there is an upcoming wedding. It makes it much easier to plan, you know...get the sitter and the hubby gets the time off!

Several of my friends have sent out "Save The Date (STD)" notices. They are usually a nice card accompanied by a refrigerator magnet that includes the event details and a nice photo of the couple. My friend Nicole designed and created her own Save the Date Magnet:

This one is from my friend Jody:

I did a little browsing and research on the Internet and found some really CUTE and CREATIVE ides:
1) Create a CD with all the Save The Date info on the front with a cute pic of the couple. When the CD is played it can have photos of the couple (birth to engagement).
2) Create a CD with all the Save The Date info on the front with a cute pic of the couple. When the CD is played it can have songs the couple likes.
3) Create a bookmark with the STD info and some photos
4) Lotto style(Party 411): This is fun for those who are hooked on lotto tickets, or those who might be having a destination event in Las Vegas!

5) Photo Booth (Young House Love): This is SO Cute! It really brings out a couples personalities. Here is another booth idea from a site with LOTS of Save the Date ides: JuneBug Weddings

6) Ticket Style (Party 411): This is just fun for so many reasons. Great for those who love sports, theater, movies etc.

Just remember, it's your event, if you can think it up, you can do it! Get creative, and have your Save The Date notice reflect you as a couple.

Here are a few pointers on sending these out:
1) Save The Date notice's are a MUST if you are having a destination wedding or event
2) Send them out 5-6 months in advance
3) If the wedding or event is during the holidays, a Save The Date notice is a MUST
4) A Save The Date notice is a MUST if the wedding encompasses the weekend (full of fun events)

Good Luck, and if you have used (or seen) a creative Save The Date notice, please share it with us!


Photo Credits:
Lotto: Party 411
Photo Booth 1: YoungHouseLove.com
Photo Booth 2: Junebug Weddings
Ticket: Party 411


ThingsToDoWithKids said...

Very cute idea. I'm always getting evites for everything these days, and I ALWAYS forget about events because it's nothing special that I can see regularly to remind myself. I'll definately have to pass this on.

Join the Gossip said...

I love Save the Dates that are functional. That way they spend their money on objects that can get some use. I have received two Save the Date magnets, both from years ago, and I still have them.

Like the lotto tix a lot as well =)

KDC Events said...

I do love the magnets too, but that photo booth idea is SOOOO CUTE!!!

doristhedonkey said...

great ideas! love 'em all!!

Miss Janice said...

We love "Save the Date Cards!" Not so long ago, we received a "Save the Date Card" but never got a invite to the wedding...

KDC Events said...

Miss Janice...I can't believe you did not get an invite to the wedding after receiving the STD!! That is not practicing very proper etiquette!

Westside Wedding said...

Those are all great save the dates! We did save the date 7 months before the wedding & it really saved us when our invites came in 2 weeks later than expected. Many people told me not to worry because the save the date had all the information.

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