Feb 20, 2011

Glenda's Glitzy Designs

Ladies, If you know a Bride to Be, or anyone in the Wedding Party Glenda is now making a lot of Bridal items. Some of the new items; a short sleeve Hoodie, perfect for the Bride or Bridal party to wear while getting their hair done the day of the wedding. It can have their name on it or just Bride, Maid or Honor, Bridesmaid, Flower Girl or any other word.

Glenda also specializes in Flip Flops, for all sizes.  I am TOTALLY addicted to these blinged out flip flops.  I love them. I have a grey Roxy pair from last year. The crystals have stayed put since then.  I get SOOO many compliments on them, I love em'!

Here are a few other things Glenda does:

Check her out. If you are local, she will even host a Flip Flop or Shirt party for you!  Glenda will pretty much bling out anything you want, need or can dream of! She's a super nice lady, and her super fab hubby helps her create these fabulous creations. Now GO... Check her out and get BLINGED out!!!!

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Glenda's web site


Photo Credit: Glenda's Glitzy Designs

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