Jun 29, 2010

Last Minute Wedding "To Do" List

The last few weeks leading up to your wedding can be hectic.  Making sure everything is done, is enough to cause you (the bride), your mother, sister, best friend, soon to be mother in law, sister in law, father, dog, cat etc. to have insomnia! Trying to get every detail completed is complicated and almost impossible. That's because it takes a TEAM!

Here is a list that we have come up with to help you in your last minute planning frenzy.

1) Contact local and nearby hotels and reserve blocks of rooms for your guests. This help them by getting a discount rate.

2) Make sure you use the restroom BEFORE you put your dress on!! This goers for all members of the Bridal party!

3) Have the bridesmaids help keep the Mother of the Bride and Bride in the room out of sight of guests.

4) Draw out and list the details for your table set up, this includes: the gift table, cake table, guestbook table, bridal tables, reserved tables, guest tables, children's tables etc.
5) If there is to be water/wine/campaign in the glasses, be sure someone knows so they can notify the on site planner if this is not done.

6) Designate someone to hand out all the flowers- make sure they know who is to have them.

7) Create a photo shoot list of all the photos you (and your families) would like taken. Most likely your photographer will do this with you. Soozie, owner and photographer form Photography By Soozie,  is a great resource and fabulous photographer, check her out!

8) Be sure your Maid of Honor helps you get your garter on.

9) Designate someone to help pack up left over giveaways that were on the tables.

10) Designate someone to help gather up all the decorations that belong to you, and pack them up.

11) Designate someone to gather all of your gifts and cards, and load them into a car.

12) Make sure you notify the on site wedding planner to pack up any left over cake, and leave it with your parents (or another trusted person).

Do you have any suggestions we might have left out?
PLEASE share!!!

We hope it helps!


Photo Credit: Photography By Soozie

Jun 23, 2010

Venue Review- Serendipity Wedding Garden, Oak Glen, CA

My Sister-in-law's recent wedding was at the beautiful Serendipity Wedding Garden in Oak Glen, California.  It was a breathtakingly beautiful venue.  There were so many fabulous points to this place, that I just don't know where to begin! Lets start at the Rehearsal...
The Rehearsal was held the Thursday before the wedding.  We all arrived at the grounds (which is located a little North of Redlands, CA) at 5:00pm.  The weather was perfect, it was warm. We ran through all the normal hub-bub for rehearsals. It took about an hour.  The staff was exceptional and great to work with.  

The Wedding was beautiful.  Although the weather could have cooperated a little more (it was FREEZING!!!), the day still turned out as planned.  The venue sits on about 5 acres , up in the hills, and can hold a nice size group.  We had about 100 guests and it was very comfortable.   The brides room was decent and the bathrooms were clean.

The Ceremony area is separate from the reception area.  The pathway between the two is gorgeous and lined with roses.  This is where the Bride, and Father of the Bride make their entrance.  They arrive with a 2 team, horse drawn carriage.  It is quite the extravagant entrance!

The catering was on-site and delicious (although cold, due to the wind).  The chairs and linens were perfect, and the bar was right next to an awesome (and warm) fireplace.  Heaters present, but I think there could have been a few more. Also present was a fire pit, baby grand piano, and kicken dance floor.

All and all, I really enjoyed this place.  It was beautiful, local and elegant.


Photo Credits:
Various family members and me!
Serendipity Logo: http://www.serendipitygardenweddings.com/

Jun 21, 2010

To Tan or Not To Tan?

I was in a wedding this past May. All of you who know me, know that I am almost see through I am so white.  I avoid the sun at all cost, and when I am in it, I am usually coated in 30+ sunscreen.  So, knowing that I had to wear a strapless dress, that was bright shamrock green, I was NERVOUS!!!

I began researching different tanning methods.  Self tanner...No, Tanning Beds...No, Airbrushed Tan...Maybe, Mystic Spray Tan...Maybe, and last but not least, the Instant Spray Self-Tanners...Maybe.

I tried the spray yourself tanner and let me tell you, it was hilarious!  I was so orange and streaky.  It was not going to work.  Then I looked in to the professional Air Brushed Tan.  Man, is that EXPENSIVE!!! Maybe it would be ok, if I was not on such a strict budget, sooooo on to the next choice please...

That only left me the Mystic Tan.  I found one place local to my home and called for an appointment.  They were able to take me right away.  I went the Wednesday before the wedding. Yes, I know, I should have done a trial run before hand, but I was out of time!  I figured that if I went Wednesday, I would have plenty of time to scrub it off, need be. 

I was so surprised, it was not too bad at all. I got to the place, paid my $40 (that was for 3 sessions), and the nice girl (not a creepy guy) walked me through it.  I stepped in the booth, applied my lotion to the necessary places, took a deep breath, stood like a scare crow and pressed the button.  15 seconds sure is a long time when you are holding your breath! I repeated for the back side, got out, blotted and was on my way.
The after photo is 3 days after getting the tan

I was very surprised at how natural my tan was.  In no way did I feel like I looked orange (except in a few areas...my toes and hands).  I had SO many compliments (and a few jokes) on my new tan.  I guess people are just not used to seeing me with color.  I will DEFINITELY be using Mystic Tan again.  It was reasonable, and worked great. Check it out!

This is the day after getting the tan

Check out this link for some videos: Yes I Mystic
Click here to find a Mystic Tan near you
Good Luck! If you do tan, let me know how your experience was.
Photo Credit:
Mystic Tan Image: www.glowtanning.com/equipment.htm
Tanning Bed
L'Oreal Paris- Spray
Air brush Tan

Jun 19, 2010

Fantastic Finds- June 18, 2010

Here are some Fantastic Finds that I have come across this past week in bloggyland. I hope you find them useful and entertaining!

Fathers Day/Graduation:
~ Cute Fathers Day cake ideas on Tweedle Designs
~ Super cute ideas for Graduation Dessert Display form Save the Date for Cupcakes

~ A super cute Snow-White themed tutu from TuTuBug: I wish I had a daughter to put in this...do you think Cooper would mind?? LOL!

~ Danielle from Sugar and Spice Events is fabulous, I love reading her blogs. This one is a MUST read: Dinner is served- 10 things for a perfect dinner party
~ Miss Janice is the "Go to Lady" for all things Etiquette: Check out the correct way to drink your Iced Tea with Mind your "Teas"s and Q's

~ Turbo Fire In House from: Feeling Fit with Dana

~ Who decides what the Flower Girl should wear from: The Bridal Party LLC
~ Pre-marital Counseling? Check out Bridal Buds

Happy Weekend y'all!


Jun 17, 2010

What Summer Drinks Are Doing to Your Teeth!

Your health is important, and beautiful, healthy teeth are even more important come your big day!  Our friends over at KMR Communications sent us this very informative post on  "What summer drinks are doing to your teeth" from New York City Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Michael Entin.

The warm weather of summer leads to plenty of barbecues, outdoor brunches and rooftop parties. With so many social engagements to juggle, one of the last things people might think about is their teeth. The truth is increased consumption of alcohol, soft drinks and coffees can often lead to staining, cavities, plaque buildup and bad breath – something no one wants to deal with while enjoying summer days and nights!

According to Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Michael Entin, “many of my patients come to me at the end of a long summer with more than one problem that could be caused by the different types of beverages they are indulging in.” Dr. Entin lists his “top offenders” below and different ways to keep your teeth bright, healthy and white this summer:

~ Alcohol consumption can cause digestive problems which leads to bad breath. In addition, alcohol dries out the mouth, which reduces saliva production.
~ Water will help thwart the dehydration effect of alcohol. Order one glass of water for every drink and you’ll stay sober and sweet!
~ Mojitos contain lots of fresh mint, so order one and ask for an extra mint garnish to chew on after you finish your drink.

~ Every year, Americans drink almost 50 billion gallons of soda. Sugars and acids in sodas can dissolve away the healthy enamel in teeth, leading to decay and tooth loss
~ Teenagers are get almost 40% of their sugar from soft drinks
~ Frozen beverages like margaritas and pina coladas are loaded with sugar. Dr. Entin suggests drinking these types of beverages in moderation or asking for your margarita “on the rocks” with simple tequila, lime juice and other low-sugar mixers

~ Certain drinks like coffee, tea, red wine and soda all can stain or discolor the teeth
~ Dr. Entin notes behavior modification like drinking through a straw, limiting your coffee or tea consumption and avoiding red wine are often the best options
~ Brush using whitening toothpaste to remove daily stains and help them from building up over time. If you have existing stains, you might consider whitening treatments either with your dentist or over the counter

About Dr. Michael Entin, DDS
Dr. Michael Entin, DDS is a graduate of The New York University College of Dentistry, class of 2000. As of 2001 he has been in private practice in New York City. Dr. Entin is a Lumineer Certified Dentist and specializes in cosmetic dentistry. He attained his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Chemistry from Brooklyn College. Dr. Entin opened his first practice in Brooklyn in 2001, and opened a second practice in Manhattan in 2008. For more information, please visit www.lumineersNY.com

Happy Summer everyone!


Photo Credits:
Cocktails: stock.xchng
Dr. Entin: KMR Communications
Content provided by KMR Communications

Jun 15, 2010

We have a NEW Facebook Page URL: KDCEvents

Yay!!! We were finally were able to get a direct URL for our Facebook Fan Page:


KDC Events

Promote Your Page Too

Check us out and "Like" us, let us know what your Facebook page is and we will "Like" you back.  Have a great day =)


Jun 14, 2010

Venue Review- The Holiday Inn, Ontario, CA

I was invited to attend a venue preview the other day at the Holiday Inn, in Ontario California.  The Holiday Inn you say? YES!  The Holiday Inn has had a HUGE make over and are now competing with upscale hotels. I was invited to attend by my friend Denise Parsons, who is a Sales Manager there.  I had worked with her previously at another hotel on a 50th Anniversary Party.

Let me just say, the hotel and grounds are beautiful. Nothing what you would expect a Holiday Inn to look like.  They had set up one of the smaller meeting rooms (holds about 80) in a reception like manner, complete with DJ!  The were tables decked out in beautiful linens (provided by Raquels Linens) and gorgeous flower arrangements that were provided by one of the ladies on staff at the hotel.

We were served the most delicious lunch. I must say, it was to DIE FOR!!!  I had never tasted hotel food this good.  It was a chicken breast stuffed with cheese and mushrooms, covered in a flavorful cream sauce.  It was served with roasted potato's and fresh veggies.  It was SOOOO GOOD!!! We were even  introduced to the Chef, and were able to thank he for the delicious meal. 

Not only is the Holiday Inn set up for events such as weddings, receptions and parties, they can also accommodate Corporate Meetings too.  Here are two of the rooms:

So, if you are looking for a local hotel that is reasonable and will fit into your budget, and looks FABULOUS, I highly recommend checking out the Holiday Inn.  Say "hi" to Denise when you go, shes a kick, you'll love her!


Photo Credits: Me and my iPhone, and the Holiday Inn web site

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