Feb 16, 2011

I'm A Mother-in-Law! What's My Role? ~ Wedding Question Wednesday

Today's question comes from Emily, author of Scribbles from Emily

Question: As a mother-in-law, how involved can I be in the wedding planning without overstepping my bounds?

Answer: I believe a Mother-in-law and a Mother can be very involved in the planning of a wedding. It's a good idea to all sit down BEFORE the planning begins and see what everyone's expectations are. Once this is done, you will know where everyone stands. You then can start setting YOUR expectation. The main thing to remember is that everyone has feelings and everyone has been planning and waiting for this moment.

One tip I always follow is to never say NO, and never shut someone down.  The way to handle it with tact is to say something like, "That is a great idea, we will keep it and see how everything comes together, thank you." OR "that is a lovely color, I am just not sure how it will look with everyone's tone and hair color". See you are taking their suggestion into consideration, and not putting them on the defense!

Try to head off confrontations by:
  1. Not putting people on the defensive
  2. Keeping everyone in on the plans- don't leave out important details, dates and times- keep everyone informed
  3. Try incorporating some of the traditions from each side of the family
  4. If you give in a little you can take a little =)

Here are some great blog post on the Bride and Mother of the Bride by Holly LefevreI HIGHLY recommend reading them!! Also check out our post on last minute to do lists!


Photo Credit: Kano Photography


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Great tips! When I was a co-maid of honor, I wish the MIL of the bride and the mother of the bride would have been more involved. Unfortunately the other maid of honor insisted we do everything on our own :/

P.S. I'm hosting a giveaway, be sure to check it out :)

Emily Joyce said...

"Never say no," that's such a good way to keep things from getting messy! Wonderful advice!

Karren said...

Hi There I am now following from Blog Frog today. Have a great weekend,

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