Feb 7, 2011

Stylish Blogger...Us?

We received the Stylish Blogger Award from not one, but TWO fabulous bloggers. Our first one came from Stephanie over at Thoughts From Cali.  Not only is Stephanie a real life friend, she's a fabulous blogging buddy!  We highly recommend you go on over and check here out.  Our second award cam from Crystal Lynn over at Super Single Mom and Her Side Kids.

THANKS Steph and Crystal Lynn!!!

The rules of this award are to link to and thank the blogger that gave it to you.  Then you list 7 things that you don't know about me, then pass it on to 15 new blogs that you have discovered. However I am  gonna only choose my top 5.

1) I have been best friends with Katie and Cindy since we were born...That's a loooooooong time =)

2) I have completed 2 half marathons...even after the age of 30!
3) I have never been to the "tourist" areas of LA or Beverly HIlls

4) I have my BA in Criminal Justice

5) I don't like to eat chicken off the bone....GROSS

6) I would LOVE to be a labor and delivery nurse

7) I swear I have OCD...but I know I really don't, I just like things a certain way =)

So now I am passing this along to my top 5 blogs, except Steph is one, and so is Leeann, over at Join the Gossip (but Steph already gave it to her!! So here are my others:

1) Jill over at Strawberry Freckles

2) Karen at Strictly Simple Style

3) Charity at Surviving a Two Year Old

4) Maggie over at *Moonstruck

5) Tina over at (Florida) Girl with a new Life

Enjoy checking out these other fabulous blogs, tell them I sent ya =)



Steph said...

so glad you liked your award!

Mama Mary said...

Just thinking about chicken on the bone made me gag a bit! And I'm training for my second half marathon! Wondering if I'm nuts! Fun to meet you via SITS.

(Florida) Girl said...

Thank you for the award! I am honored. (And who knew I was so stylish?)

Crystal Lynn said...

I am happy you liked your reward! I was in shock when I received it myself!: )
LOL I cannot eat chicken on a bone.. it totally grosses me out!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! You definitely rock! :D

(Florida) Girl said...

PS I answered your question on my blog post today!

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

Aww, thanks so much, I'm touched and honored to be among your fav's.

(Florida) Girl said...

PS I plan on working this in to my posts next week.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Hehe I was going to pass mine along to you as well! I am so bad with awards though. I always forget. I have it drafted on blogger though :)

So I've been meaning to ask you, would you ever consider a post on your running? It's really inspiring and I am sure there are readers out there (like me) too intimidated to start. You advice would be great!

And you need to come to LA! I'll show ya around. It's fun just driving through the mansions :)

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