Jun 29, 2010

Last Minute Wedding "To Do" List

The last few weeks leading up to your wedding can be hectic.  Making sure everything is done, is enough to cause you (the bride), your mother, sister, best friend, soon to be mother in law, sister in law, father, dog, cat etc. to have insomnia! Trying to get every detail completed is complicated and almost impossible. That's because it takes a TEAM!

Here is a list that we have come up with to help you in your last minute planning frenzy.

1) Contact local and nearby hotels and reserve blocks of rooms for your guests. This help them by getting a discount rate.

2) Make sure you use the restroom BEFORE you put your dress on!! This goers for all members of the Bridal party!

3) Have the bridesmaids help keep the Mother of the Bride and Bride in the room out of sight of guests.

4) Draw out and list the details for your table set up, this includes: the gift table, cake table, guestbook table, bridal tables, reserved tables, guest tables, children's tables etc.
5) If there is to be water/wine/campaign in the glasses, be sure someone knows so they can notify the on site planner if this is not done.

6) Designate someone to hand out all the flowers- make sure they know who is to have them.

7) Create a photo shoot list of all the photos you (and your families) would like taken. Most likely your photographer will do this with you. Soozie, owner and photographer form Photography By Soozie,  is a great resource and fabulous photographer, check her out!

8) Be sure your Maid of Honor helps you get your garter on.

9) Designate someone to help pack up left over giveaways that were on the tables.

10) Designate someone to help gather up all the decorations that belong to you, and pack them up.

11) Designate someone to gather all of your gifts and cards, and load them into a car.

12) Make sure you notify the on site wedding planner to pack up any left over cake, and leave it with your parents (or another trusted person).

Do you have any suggestions we might have left out?
PLEASE share!!!

We hope it helps!


Photo Credit: Photography By Soozie


Honeymoon bed breakfast said...

These are all the great tips and valuable suggestions, which are all the very effective for the newly-wed couples & honeymooners for sure.

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Great tips!

Mary M said...

Make up an emergency kit and make sure everyone knows WHO HAS IT! In the emergency kit there should be:

safety pins
spot remover
several small bottles of water... See More
glue for fake nails
imodium (hey, it could happen!)
list of everyone's cell phone #'s

~ * ~ add your own to this ~ * ~

Patty P. said...

I'll add to that list:
- Chalk
- Champagne

Eva Gallant said...

Great list. I'm sure many brides-to-be will find it helpful. I just dropped by from SITS to say hi. hope you will find time to do the same.

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