Jun 14, 2010

Venue Review- The Holiday Inn, Ontario, CA

I was invited to attend a venue preview the other day at the Holiday Inn, in Ontario California.  The Holiday Inn you say? YES!  The Holiday Inn has had a HUGE make over and are now competing with upscale hotels. I was invited to attend by my friend Denise Parsons, who is a Sales Manager there.  I had worked with her previously at another hotel on a 50th Anniversary Party.

Let me just say, the hotel and grounds are beautiful. Nothing what you would expect a Holiday Inn to look like.  They had set up one of the smaller meeting rooms (holds about 80) in a reception like manner, complete with DJ!  The were tables decked out in beautiful linens (provided by Raquels Linens) and gorgeous flower arrangements that were provided by one of the ladies on staff at the hotel.

We were served the most delicious lunch. I must say, it was to DIE FOR!!!  I had never tasted hotel food this good.  It was a chicken breast stuffed with cheese and mushrooms, covered in a flavorful cream sauce.  It was served with roasted potato's and fresh veggies.  It was SOOOO GOOD!!! We were even  introduced to the Chef, and were able to thank he for the delicious meal. 

Not only is the Holiday Inn set up for events such as weddings, receptions and parties, they can also accommodate Corporate Meetings too.  Here are two of the rooms:

So, if you are looking for a local hotel that is reasonable and will fit into your budget, and looks FABULOUS, I highly recommend checking out the Holiday Inn.  Say "hi" to Denise when you go, shes a kick, you'll love her!


Photo Credits: Me and my iPhone, and the Holiday Inn web site


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review! That meal does look awfully tasty!!

joven said...

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KDC Events said...

Maggie, it was serioulsy the BEST!!!

Join the Gossip said...

That's cool, you would never think it's the Holiday Inn. Sounds like they have great service, too!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Great that you went! Nice to show up to an industry event. I need to do more of that! If you can find time out of your busy schedule, so should I! :-)

Miss Janice said...

I've held many events at the Holiday Inn over the years. And Ontario...we always used their airport when we lived in Palm Springs.

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