Jun 17, 2010

What Summer Drinks Are Doing to Your Teeth!

Your health is important, and beautiful, healthy teeth are even more important come your big day!  Our friends over at KMR Communications sent us this very informative post on  "What summer drinks are doing to your teeth" from New York City Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Michael Entin.

The warm weather of summer leads to plenty of barbecues, outdoor brunches and rooftop parties. With so many social engagements to juggle, one of the last things people might think about is their teeth. The truth is increased consumption of alcohol, soft drinks and coffees can often lead to staining, cavities, plaque buildup and bad breath – something no one wants to deal with while enjoying summer days and nights!

According to Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Michael Entin, “many of my patients come to me at the end of a long summer with more than one problem that could be caused by the different types of beverages they are indulging in.” Dr. Entin lists his “top offenders” below and different ways to keep your teeth bright, healthy and white this summer:

~ Alcohol consumption can cause digestive problems which leads to bad breath. In addition, alcohol dries out the mouth, which reduces saliva production.
~ Water will help thwart the dehydration effect of alcohol. Order one glass of water for every drink and you’ll stay sober and sweet!
~ Mojitos contain lots of fresh mint, so order one and ask for an extra mint garnish to chew on after you finish your drink.

~ Every year, Americans drink almost 50 billion gallons of soda. Sugars and acids in sodas can dissolve away the healthy enamel in teeth, leading to decay and tooth loss
~ Teenagers are get almost 40% of their sugar from soft drinks
~ Frozen beverages like margaritas and pina coladas are loaded with sugar. Dr. Entin suggests drinking these types of beverages in moderation or asking for your margarita “on the rocks” with simple tequila, lime juice and other low-sugar mixers

~ Certain drinks like coffee, tea, red wine and soda all can stain or discolor the teeth
~ Dr. Entin notes behavior modification like drinking through a straw, limiting your coffee or tea consumption and avoiding red wine are often the best options
~ Brush using whitening toothpaste to remove daily stains and help them from building up over time. If you have existing stains, you might consider whitening treatments either with your dentist or over the counter

About Dr. Michael Entin, DDS
Dr. Michael Entin, DDS is a graduate of The New York University College of Dentistry, class of 2000. As of 2001 he has been in private practice in New York City. Dr. Entin is a Lumineer Certified Dentist and specializes in cosmetic dentistry. He attained his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Chemistry from Brooklyn College. Dr. Entin opened his first practice in Brooklyn in 2001, and opened a second practice in Manhattan in 2008. For more information, please visit www.lumineersNY.com

Happy Summer everyone!


Photo Credits:
Cocktails: stock.xchng
Dr. Entin: KMR Communications
Content provided by KMR Communications


beingzaraandzidan said...

hey great blog! I am ur newest follower.
Plz visit me & I hope u follow back too

Anonymous said...

Saying hi from SITS! Great tips and info to keep in mind as we enjoy the warmth and relaxation of summer. Now I can order a mojito with conviction that it's good for my teeth!

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