Jun 21, 2010

To Tan or Not To Tan?

I was in a wedding this past May. All of you who know me, know that I am almost see through I am so white.  I avoid the sun at all cost, and when I am in it, I am usually coated in 30+ sunscreen.  So, knowing that I had to wear a strapless dress, that was bright shamrock green, I was NERVOUS!!!

I began researching different tanning methods.  Self tanner...No, Tanning Beds...No, Airbrushed Tan...Maybe, Mystic Spray Tan...Maybe, and last but not least, the Instant Spray Self-Tanners...Maybe.

I tried the spray yourself tanner and let me tell you, it was hilarious!  I was so orange and streaky.  It was not going to work.  Then I looked in to the professional Air Brushed Tan.  Man, is that EXPENSIVE!!! Maybe it would be ok, if I was not on such a strict budget, sooooo on to the next choice please...

That only left me the Mystic Tan.  I found one place local to my home and called for an appointment.  They were able to take me right away.  I went the Wednesday before the wedding. Yes, I know, I should have done a trial run before hand, but I was out of time!  I figured that if I went Wednesday, I would have plenty of time to scrub it off, need be. 

I was so surprised, it was not too bad at all. I got to the place, paid my $40 (that was for 3 sessions), and the nice girl (not a creepy guy) walked me through it.  I stepped in the booth, applied my lotion to the necessary places, took a deep breath, stood like a scare crow and pressed the button.  15 seconds sure is a long time when you are holding your breath! I repeated for the back side, got out, blotted and was on my way.
The after photo is 3 days after getting the tan

I was very surprised at how natural my tan was.  In no way did I feel like I looked orange (except in a few areas...my toes and hands).  I had SO many compliments (and a few jokes) on my new tan.  I guess people are just not used to seeing me with color.  I will DEFINITELY be using Mystic Tan again.  It was reasonable, and worked great. Check it out!

This is the day after getting the tan

Check out this link for some videos: Yes I Mystic
Click here to find a Mystic Tan near you
Good Luck! If you do tan, let me know how your experience was.
Photo Credit:
Mystic Tan Image: www.glowtanning.com/equipment.htm
Tanning Bed
L'Oreal Paris- Spray
Air brush Tan


Paige said...

Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day to say hello. Hope you have a great week!

Jenn said...

To Tan or not to Tan.. that is the question. I love the natural color it gave you and was very impressed with this fake tan.


KDC Events said...

Thanks Jenn! I was impressed too =) Going for my second one next week!

Join the Gossip said...

Oooh good to know! I thought that it was really expensive for Mystic, but that's not bad! I want to see what you look like after all of the sessions =) Your tan looks really natural!

I don't do self tanners. One bad experience as a high school freshman was enough for me!

KDC Events said...

Ok Leeann! I will let you know the next time I go =)

Miss Janice said...

I've used Mystic Tan many times and other than a few places looking 'off' I thought it was a pretty good way to get some color. Love your green dress and I think you look awesome!

KDC Events said...

Thanks Miss Janice!!

Holly said...

I have tried self tanners...they are OK. I have been airbrushed tanned...it was streaky...I did the Mystic last year for my high school reunion (I have no color...I wear 70 spf). It was a pleasant experience and would do it again for sure.

Jess said...

I found a home self tanner that I <3 called Syven Nyne ( can't remember the exact spelling). Thanks for visiting my blog the other day!

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