May 22, 2010

Wedding Mayhem

So today begins a CRAZY week for KDC Events.  I (Denice) will be attending, in and helping with my Sister in laws wedding, and Cindy is helping as always, and Katie is on her way to Colorado to attend, be in and help with Sandy's big day!!

Oh ya, and I will be celebrating my 9 year Anniversary on the 27!! Here are some images form that day...seems like yesterday =) Enjoy!

  This is me the Bride! I was 24
 This is the Hubby, he was 23

 This is our Wedding Party

 The Gals

The Guys


So bear with us, we will be back with post, ideas and hopefully a giveaway!!!

Have a great week!



Save the Date for Cupcakes said...

Can't wait to see! Email the photos to;o)

Thanks for stopping by, and happy early anni!

Anonymous said...

Goodluck in the planning don't get too stressed and dont let the bride become bridezilla! lol

Your pictures are amazing!! Congratulations on your anniversary!!

Join the Gossip said...

Yay congrats Denice! So happy for you two!

You all ae goingto have so much for with all the wedding stuff--it's your thing afterall =)

p.s. I'm hosting a giveaway. Feel free to visit my blog to check it out!

WhisperingWriter said...

Beautiful photos.

I hope you have a wonderful Anniversary!

Miss Janice said...

What a beautiful bride you were! Love the dress:) I've been married 25 years...can't believe I've been doing anything for 25 years:) Don't stress for the upcoming wedding. Yeah, right:)

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Happy Belated Anniversary!!!

KDC Events said...

Thanks everyone! My wedding was great (freezing but great), and Katie returns tomorrow so I am sure I will hear all about hers then. My Anniversary was special, thanks for your well wishes =)

Holly said...

ENJOY! I love the wedding photos! I never tire of wedding photos!

Princess PIgnatelli said...
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Amy said...
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