Jun 23, 2010

Venue Review- Serendipity Wedding Garden, Oak Glen, CA

My Sister-in-law's recent wedding was at the beautiful Serendipity Wedding Garden in Oak Glen, California.  It was a breathtakingly beautiful venue.  There were so many fabulous points to this place, that I just don't know where to begin! Lets start at the Rehearsal...
The Rehearsal was held the Thursday before the wedding.  We all arrived at the grounds (which is located a little North of Redlands, CA) at 5:00pm.  The weather was perfect, it was warm. We ran through all the normal hub-bub for rehearsals. It took about an hour.  The staff was exceptional and great to work with.  

The Wedding was beautiful.  Although the weather could have cooperated a little more (it was FREEZING!!!), the day still turned out as planned.  The venue sits on about 5 acres , up in the hills, and can hold a nice size group.  We had about 100 guests and it was very comfortable.   The brides room was decent and the bathrooms were clean.

The Ceremony area is separate from the reception area.  The pathway between the two is gorgeous and lined with roses.  This is where the Bride, and Father of the Bride make their entrance.  They arrive with a 2 team, horse drawn carriage.  It is quite the extravagant entrance!

The catering was on-site and delicious (although cold, due to the wind).  The chairs and linens were perfect, and the bar was right next to an awesome (and warm) fireplace.  Heaters present, but I think there could have been a few more. Also present was a fire pit, baby grand piano, and kicken dance floor.

All and all, I really enjoyed this place.  It was beautiful, local and elegant.


Photo Credits:
Various family members and me!
Serendipity Logo: http://www.serendipitygardenweddings.com/


Mariah said...

Oh well this is just beautiful! It is a bummer when the weather does not cooperate but the set up looks wonderful. And this blog site is fantastic. You were in front of me at SITS today and I am so glad you were:)

Kmama said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog last week!! I'm finally paying yours a visit.

What a beautiful venue for a wedding! I'm sorry it wasn't warmer, but if it had to be cold, at least it was beautiful!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

The pink and green look striking together. I like! :-)

Sara said...

The venue looks spectacular and the colors were charming. Great finds.

KDC Events said...

Mariah- Thanks so much for visiting!!

Holly said...

What a gorgeous venue. What a gorgeous wedding.

Anonymous said...

That simply looks wonderful!

Join the Gossip said...

SO pretty! I think Steph and I saw this place when we went up there last year. Is it at the end of the orchards, where you start to go down the hill on the backside?

tori said...

Found your blog through SITS, and I am SO glad I did! I am in the process of planning a wedding on a serious budget and your site is a life saver!

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