May 31, 2011

Wedding Anniversay Gifts by YEAR

I recently celebrated my 10 year wedding Anniversary.  WOW, where did the time go?!  I have been with my hubby since 1997, and we married in 2001. We were not quit babies. but we were young.  The last 10 years of marriage have been work, but have turned out to be the best. Yup this is us, 10 years ago:

So, what do you get your hubby for a 10 year Anniversary? I had NO CLUE!!!  Here is what tradition states:

Hope this helps you all...I failed and did not research it until it was too late.  Hubby got a nice watch.  Guess I am a few years early on that one =)


Photo Credit: Kano Photography


Jill said...

oh i've seen this before, cool!

KDC Events said...

Thanks Jill!!!

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