May 16, 2011

Man Candy Monday ~ Ryan Reynolds

Hello Man Candy Monday!!  We are linking up with Leeann over at Join the Gossip again and today we bring you Ryan Reynolds!  Not only is he funny, but hes a cutie too!

Name: Ryan Rodney Reynolds

Birthday: October 23, 1976
Achievements: Named Peoples Sexiest Man 2010
Born: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada but is of Irish ancestry

National Lampoon's Van Wilder
Just Friends
The Proposal
Blade: Trinity
Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

Tattoo: 1 on his wrist possibly 2

My FAVORITE Ryan Reynolds film is Just Friends. I can watch that movie over and over.  Check out this video for the top 10 Ryan Reynolds moments:

Hope you enjoy!


Photo Credit: Google Images


Miss Angie said...

Ryan is always a classic choice... One of the most beautiful men alive, for sure!

{Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Oh yummy!!! Just yummy. ;) I'm speechless!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

OK seriously...I know this is HIGHLY inappropriate but I just want to feel that chest/stomach of his...and never stop!! I love me some Ryan Reynolds. Van Wlder did it for me. Since then, I've been hooked!!

Honestly glad him and Scar Jo broke up. Her loss!!

Thanks for linking up, Denice :)

Ann said...

Why Scarlett Johansson left him and then hooked up with Sean Penn is beyond me... Just look at Ryan's abs, its perfection.

Trianna said...

He is gorgeous! I've loved him since forever. Favorite Movie: Van Wilder Too funny!

Jill said...

oh such a happy day!! :D I'm sweating a in here??? ......

KDC Events said...

Thanks all for visiting. He is yummy huh!!

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