May 23, 2011

Man Candy Monday - Adam Levine

Today I am bringing you the super cute and talented Adam Levine for our Man Candy Monday with Join the Gossip.  Adam Levine has quickly become a favorite of mine since watching The Voice.  He is so cute! If you have not seen The Voice, I highly recommend checking it out, not only to see Adam, but to see the amazing talent the contestants bring to the stage.

I give you...Adam Levine:

Name: Adam Noah Levine

Birth-date: March 18, 1979 (age 32) born in Los Angeles, California

Height: 5 feet 10 inches

Horoscope :  Pisces

Band: Maroon 5

Talents: Vocals, guitar, drums, bass, piano

Tattoos: Too many to count! 

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Man Candy Monday, I sure did! Be sure to check out the others and LINK UP!


Photo Credit: Google Images


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I swear - you ladies get to my list before I post them hehe! He's def a hottie and I agree that The Voice has propelled that for me as well :)

I want to go see Maroon 5, Train, and Gavin McGraw at The Hollywood Bowl! Tickets start at $25. My mom has been asking me to go with her lol. She thinks he's hot, too!

Thanks for linking up! you.are.awesome.

Miss Angie said...

Oh yes, this one OOOZES sex. I'm serious. He is sexy on wheels... I watch him n Music videos and can't stop the swoon...

Christianna said...

He's a good looking guy! And he's great live, I saw him right after the first CD came out, and I'm going to see them again this summer! Have you seen him live?!

Ann said...

Hmmm... he definitely oozes with sex appeal... and I kinda like his bad boy image. Love his voice too.

Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

He is definitely HOT. Saw him live and he's amazing...on stage I mean. ;) LOL Though I have to admit I liked him a lot more about seven years ago...not sure why though. However, his voice is...very sexy!

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