May 2, 2011

Choosing the Right Florist: Floral Artist & Master Designer- Kenji Takenaka

The venue is booked, now it’s time to decide on one of the most important elements of décor—the flowers. There are almost always certain factors a couple tends to overlook when it comes to choosing the right type of floral arrangements for the wedding.

For instance,—whether high or low, small or large—couples sometimes fail to visualize the whole reception room when making decisions. Sitting at a table with a tall floral arrangement obstructing the view of the New York City skyline or clear turquoise ocean, is just one of the many mistakes a couple may make when deciding floral table décor.

Kenji Takenaka, floral artist and master designer of Noir Hanna International, a premiere, world class floral design company in New York, is available to provide tips on what couples should know before meeting with florists:

Book the florist at least 6 months prior to the wedding date. Couples want be certain to book their florist of choice, especially if the selected date is a popular one. Waiting too long may result in losing the first option.

Choosing the right size
There are many factors to take into consideration when determining the right-sized floral table arrangement for the wedding. Couples should consider the look of the venue, spacing, table setup and linens, to name a few. “Bigger is better” may not apply for a particular venue. Although flowers are a great focal piece for any wedding, floral centerpieces should fit the overall look.

Ask the florist what flowers are in season around the wedding date to conserve costs. Requesting certain flowers off-season can take the budget to a higher than anticipated number. Flowers that are in-season will cut costs significantly, without having to compromise the overall look of the centerpiece and end product, keeping the couple happy.

Listen to the expert
Take a step back and leave it to the expert. Trusting the florist is imperative to achieving the best look for the wedding. Micromanaging can limit the vision of the florist. The florist has been hired based on the couple’s taste, now it’s time to give the initial vision and leave it in the florists’ hands.

Reuse flower arrangements
When deciding on ceremony floral arrangements, why not consider arrangements you can reuse for the reception? Don’t let the stunning ceremony arrangements go to waste. Arrange for your ceremony flowers to be moved to the bar for décor.

Meet Kenji Takenaka
Under the artistic direction of Kenji, Noir Hanna has a flourishing clientele of high-profile institutions, celebrities and the fashion industry. Noir Hanna remains on the cutting edge of floral design with Kenji’s relentless quest for fresh new ideas that are always executed to his highest standards of quality. Kenji takes an architectural approach to flowers: modern and minimal. He is one of the pioneers of the fuss-free floral look. Known for his minimalist style, Kenji often makes arrangements with masses of a single type of flower and color.
Kenji’s green thumb stems from a long family history in Japan. A fourth generation florist, Kenji has lived with flowers all his life. For more than 100 years, the Takenaka Teienryokka Company has been committed to keeping the value that has established itself as a legend in the floral industry. With more than 20 branches and dozens of floral boutiques throughout the major cities of Japan, the Takenaka Teienryokka Company is the country’s leading floral provider. While this family-run business embraces both their past while always striving for the future, such aspirations do not come without leadership.

In 2009, the Takenaka Teienryokka Company was ushered into the American market with the opening of Noir Hanna International in New York City. With his high level of creativity and technique; Kenji is poised to introduce his family’s philosophy and Japanese style to the American public. The Noir Hanna International brand is now paving a new road in the American floral market – and starting some new traditions of its own along the way.

Hope this helps in your next floral appointment!  I hope to be interviewing lots of different floral designers to get lots of great perspective, so check back!


Photo and Content Credit: KMR Communications


Steph @ Thoughts From Cali said...

I love the first photo with the purple flowers hanging from the ceiling.

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