Feb 27, 2008

Wedding Question Wednesday ~ What to Wear?

Our question today comes from Stephanie, a loyal reader and supporter of KDC Events:

"I have always been told you should not wear certain colors to weddings:
Black is Bad luck
White is the brides color
Red takes away from the bride (and may suggest a fling with the groom..ahem)

The last wedding I attended a lot of people were wearing all those colors, has this changed?
Thanks, Steph"

Very interesting question Stephanie. It seems that with weddings today, all sorts of traditions and stipulations have been throwen right out the window! For instance, Brides are not even wearing white anymore! There are a plethoria of colors that bridal dresses are coming in.

We here at KDC Events feel that you should wear what you feel comfortable in. You should dress appropriatly for the event. If it is an outside wedding, and weather is cooler, please don't show up in a strappy spring colored dress. The point is, your attire should be condusive to the event (time, theme, location etc.)

So, if you want to wear black, by all means, do so. We found this great article on About.com. Check it out!

Here is a recent photo from my cousins wedding (feb 16, 2008)
NOTE: we are ALL wearing black!

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Feb 24, 2008

Good Girl Gone Shopping Party ~ 2/23/08

We Did it! Our first event. Small on scale, but extravagant in design! We had so much fun. The host, Elana (Good Girl Gone Shopping) was great, she let us do anything we wanted. I think it turned out FABULOUS! Here are some pictures for the event.

Set Up:

The Finished Product:

To see more photos visit Denice's MySpace page. Thanks again Elana for giving us the opportunity to test out our craft!

Find more photos like this on Divapreneur

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Feb 18, 2008

My Cousin's Wedding

I attended my cousin David's wedding on Saturday. It was beautiful. His Bride thought of everything, down to the detail. I thought I would share my two favorite things from the wedding (of course they are decorating related).

First, I absolutely loved they way they displayed the table cards! It was done so elegantly. They had some branches that they painted and put in a huge vase. They hung the cards from the branches like tree decorations! Super cute! Here is a picture:

The second thing I thought was totally awesome was the candy bar. This is what they had as their give away. The color theme from the wedding was Tiffany blue with campaign and black, and they found candy to match! They took many huge vases again and decorated them with ribbon and filled them to the brim with CANDY!!! There were baggies and scoops to help your self. They had everything from Tiffany blue rock candy to sugar rolled marshmallows. SUPER CUTE! Here is a pic:

Over all, the entire wedding was great! Just thought I would share these two different, but elegant ideas!

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Photo Credit: Denice's Camera (Brenda's ideas!)

Feb 10, 2008

Our Debut Event

We have been officially booked to produce the unveiling of Good Girl Gone Shopping. Elana hired us to help transform her quaint condo into a chic botique.

We could not be more excited as this is right up our alley. We were given total creative control. Elana is going to be unveilig her Personal shopping business and we are there to help her!

Wish us luck as we are undertaking this extravegent event on Saturday February 23. Thanks Elana for entrusting us with this imporant milestone in your life.

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Feb 6, 2008

Wednesday Wedding Question

So we are going to start a new series...Wednesday Wedding Questions! Just send in your wedding related questions. Whether it is engagement, shower, dress, ceremony, gift etc. related, BRING IT ON!!! Let us help you.

Our first question comes from Elana from Good Girl Gone Shopping:
"I am a little confused; does a bridal shower mean that you buy a cute, sexy gift for bride? Or, do we just use the registry and give her the wedding gift then? It is so confusing!!!! ;)"

Well Elana, the shower gift is completely separate form the wedding gift. The type of gift you decide to give solely depends on the Bride and the type of shower. Some showers can be theme oriented (think naughty lingerie shower, or honeymoon destination shower). If they are theme oriented, you would like to comply with that and stick to something related to it.

If it is not themed, then a nice gift of your choice or off the registry is fine. Typically wedding showers are looked upon to "shower" the bride or couple and help prepare them for marriage. So if it’s nice (or naughty) lingerie, or a handy dandy coffee pot, either will help equip the new couple with the necessary tools to begin their marriage. But remember, the shower gift IS separate form the wedding gift!

We hope this helps, have fun!

Photo credits: http://www.onlingerie.co.uk/bridal.html

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Feb 2, 2008

Valentine's Day Helper

With Valentine's Day right round the corner, I am sure everyone is looking for that "perfect" gift for that someone special in our life. Well, if you are anything like me, there is little or no time to actually go out shopping.

So I do what I always do, surf the internet. I found some nice and interesting gifts out there for both men and women. I know most people are dead set on receiving the norm...candy and flowers, but here are some ideas to help you think outside the box...the candy box that is!

Gifts for Her

Fashion Consulting & Personal Shopping
Good Girl Gone Shopping
Elana Pruitt

Beautiful earrings Made By Geeta
"Designs by Geeta"

Magarita Bloom
Aphrodite's Heaven Collection

Gifts for him
So now that he knows what we want, how about some ideas on what to get him. Most guys will act like they don't really need anything, that valentines day is a holiday just for chicks, well wow him with one of these ideas:

Formula 2000 Half Day Racing Experience

Two-Initial Monogrammable Brander for the BBQ

Send him a PantyGram
The Package...The Message...The Tease

Well, there you have it! Have a happy Valentines Day. If you happen to get a unique and "out of the box" gift, please share it with us!

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Photo credits: "Designs by Geeta", Margarita Bloom, Good Girl Gone Shopping, Formula 2000 Half Day Racing Experience, RedEnvelope.com, Sendapantygram.com

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