Feb 2, 2008

Valentine's Day Helper

With Valentine's Day right round the corner, I am sure everyone is looking for that "perfect" gift for that someone special in our life. Well, if you are anything like me, there is little or no time to actually go out shopping.

So I do what I always do, surf the internet. I found some nice and interesting gifts out there for both men and women. I know most people are dead set on receiving the norm...candy and flowers, but here are some ideas to help you think outside the box...the candy box that is!

Gifts for Her

Fashion Consulting & Personal Shopping
Good Girl Gone Shopping
Elana Pruitt

Beautiful earrings Made By Geeta
"Designs by Geeta"

Magarita Bloom
Aphrodite's Heaven Collection

Gifts for him
So now that he knows what we want, how about some ideas on what to get him. Most guys will act like they don't really need anything, that valentines day is a holiday just for chicks, well wow him with one of these ideas:

Formula 2000 Half Day Racing Experience

Two-Initial Monogrammable Brander for the BBQ

Send him a PantyGram
The Package...The Message...The Tease

Well, there you have it! Have a happy Valentines Day. If you happen to get a unique and "out of the box" gift, please share it with us!

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Photo credits: "Designs by Geeta", Margarita Bloom, Good Girl Gone Shopping, Formula 2000 Half Day Racing Experience, RedEnvelope.com, Sendapantygram.com


Audrey said...

I smiled reading your post. I refuse to give "traditional" gifts. In fact for Christmas all of my friends got soup mugs. They love them. They use them for soup, oatmeal etc. Nice blog post.

Audrey :)

KDC Events said...

Thanks Audrey! Its nice to know someone else out there is not a robot! I love being creative!

Chic Girl said...

Every year I give my kids and hubby a goodie bag sorta like a xmas stocking. I fill it with their favorites. itunes gift cards, pastachio nets, candy...something personal for each member of my family.

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Geeta's jewelry sure is beautiful! So uniquely crafted.

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