Feb 6, 2008

Wednesday Wedding Question

So we are going to start a new series...Wednesday Wedding Questions! Just send in your wedding related questions. Whether it is engagement, shower, dress, ceremony, gift etc. related, BRING IT ON!!! Let us help you.

Our first question comes from Elana from Good Girl Gone Shopping:
"I am a little confused; does a bridal shower mean that you buy a cute, sexy gift for bride? Or, do we just use the registry and give her the wedding gift then? It is so confusing!!!! ;)"

Well Elana, the shower gift is completely separate form the wedding gift. The type of gift you decide to give solely depends on the Bride and the type of shower. Some showers can be theme oriented (think naughty lingerie shower, or honeymoon destination shower). If they are theme oriented, you would like to comply with that and stick to something related to it.

If it is not themed, then a nice gift of your choice or off the registry is fine. Typically wedding showers are looked upon to "shower" the bride or couple and help prepare them for marriage. So if it’s nice (or naughty) lingerie, or a handy dandy coffee pot, either will help equip the new couple with the necessary tools to begin their marriage. But remember, the shower gift IS separate form the wedding gift!

We hope this helps, have fun!

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Chic Girl said...

It is hard when you get invited to several showers for one bride. Not only do you have to buy "themed" gifts for each shower, but a wedding gift too.

KDC Events said...

I know! It can be confusing and expensive!

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