Feb 18, 2008

My Cousin's Wedding

I attended my cousin David's wedding on Saturday. It was beautiful. His Bride thought of everything, down to the detail. I thought I would share my two favorite things from the wedding (of course they are decorating related).

First, I absolutely loved they way they displayed the table cards! It was done so elegantly. They had some branches that they painted and put in a huge vase. They hung the cards from the branches like tree decorations! Super cute! Here is a picture:

The second thing I thought was totally awesome was the candy bar. This is what they had as their give away. The color theme from the wedding was Tiffany blue with campaign and black, and they found candy to match! They took many huge vases again and decorated them with ribbon and filled them to the brim with CANDY!!! There were baggies and scoops to help your self. They had everything from Tiffany blue rock candy to sugar rolled marshmallows. SUPER CUTE! Here is a pic:

Over all, the entire wedding was great! Just thought I would share these two different, but elegant ideas!

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Photo Credit: Denice's Camera (Brenda's ideas!)


Katie said...

Both ideas sooo cute!!! Also very simple! Could be customized very easily!!!

Leeann said...

Very cute! I will have to pass these ideas along to my friend who is getting married in a few months! Thanks for the tips =)

KDC Events said...
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She À La Mode said...

I love the whole set up. Like a couture candy store!

Anonymous said...

A very elegant floral centerpiece is the long vase filled with color water. AT the top sits the large array of flowers. An added pop to the centerpieces are before you fill them with colored water you crumble up clear cellopane inside the vase then fill it with water. It gives the arrangement the feel that the vase is full of ice cubes. Really pretty.

KDC Events said...

We are glad everyone like the idea! The candy bar can be done in a multitude of differnt combos! Have fun!

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