Apr 29, 2008

Wedding Question Wednesday - Rehearsal Dinner

Our question today deals with the Rehearsal Dinner. I was recently asked,

"Who should attend the rehearsal dinner? Just the wedding party, or whom ever we want?"

Well, this is an excellent question!

We here at KDC Events feel this one can fall either way. We agree with the more traditional aspect of the rehearsal dinner in the fact that it is for the "Wedding Party". It is customary that the mother and father of the groom pay for the dinner and it include all those with an involved role in the planning, and may possibly include any family members who have traveled from out of town.

BUT, now days the bridal couple is starting to foot the bill. Sometimes the bride and groom want to include a few more friends and family, and show their gratitude for all the help and support they may have received while planning their big day.

I googled Rehearsal Dinner Etiquette and found these interesting articles:
Hit Weddings- The Wedding Rehearsal Dinner
Ezine Articles- Rehearsal Dinner Etiquette
The Knot- Wedding Rehearsals: The Basics

We hope this helps. Just remember, ultimately, it is YOUR day and you should have an event that reflects your personality as a couple. If tradition is not up your alley, then get creative!

If you have been to a creative, non traditional, rehearsal dinner, share it with us!

Photo Credit: Denice-2001 wedding rehearsal

1 comment:

Leeann said...

Love the picture Denice! You two look sooo young (not that you look old now, by any means!). And the matching Disney hats...adorable =)

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