Apr 15, 2008

Wedding Question Wednesday ~ No More Sore Feet!

Today's question is not really a question, but more of a solution. I am a huge fan of Foot Petals. I have one of their product in every pair of shoes I own. Foot petals has solutions for every shoe aliment you can think of.


As I was browsing my myspace site today, I came across this bulletin from Foot Petals:
"No one wants their big day ruined by painful feet!" And a huge image of their product "Runaway Bride!" What a sassy name for a product. The kit contains:

1 Pair Each:
Tip Toes (White Lily)
Heavenly Heelz (Silver Rose)
Strappy Strips (White Lily)
Killer Kushionz (White Lily)
Petal Plusheez (Rose)

2 Pairs:
Sole Stopperz (Clear)


These are the perfect tools for every bride to pamper her feet on her big day. And YES, I can speak from experience, I have tried the Tip Toes, Killer Kushionz and Heavenly Heelz. Take it from me ladies, these are FABULOUS!!!

I know we all have our horror stories of wearing the wrong shoes to an important event, please don't make the same mistake on your wedding day! Get your own Foot Petals!

Photo credit: Foot Petals


raquel roysdon said...

That kit looks fabulous, especially hose litte comfy socks. Thanks for sharing.

Girl-Woman said...

I have thought about purchasing Foot Petals for such a long time. With your "thumbs-up" review, I am caving and buying. Thanks!


Vhiel Romion-Vance said...

check out my contest for mothers day .. i am giving away a kitchen ceramics set consist of salt & pepper shaker and oil/vinegar.

Hope you can join in..

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