Apr 4, 2008

My Little Guy is Turning 5

So my baby is about to be 5. WOW! Time sure does go by fast. It feels like yesterday I was bringing him home.

So with this passage from baby to kid, he gets to choose his own party. Well, he chose Spongebob. Yup, a Spongebob party it is. SO, I will be looking for creative ideas to turn my backyard into Bikini Bottom.

If you have any ideas, please share them, AND YES, I will post photos of the event!

Thanks friends!

Photo Credit: Nick Toons

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Anonymous said...

Hi Denice,

I just got my Oriental Trading Company catalog and it has a ton of tropical stuff in it! Super cute stuff, so check that out! If you don't get their catalog, the website is:


I always get a lot of ideas from AmazingMoms.com, I absolutely love that site and they actually have a really cute Sponge Bob party:


Finally this is a site with a ton of different versions of a Sponge Bob party!


I hope this helps!! Good luck and have fun! I love parties!! Talk to you soon!


KDC Events said...

Awesome Kim! Thanks so much, I have a lot of reading to do!! There are some really cute games in here!


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