May 2, 2008

Spongebob Invasion!

Well, the party went off with out a problem! The kids had such a great time! It was a little windy and cool, but the good old southern California weather pulled through in the end and it was sunny and warm!

I decorated the outside patio to give the effect that you were under water. I did this with different shades of blue streamers hanging from the patio. I had blue and green balloons staggered around. I used pink balloons with pink streamers attached to simulate jelly fish. It was super cute.

I had huge scene graphics of each character scattered around the yard, and a huge Spongebob themed bouncer.

I really think the kids had a great time! Thank you to all who sent me idea sites! I used something form every single one!

Let me know what you think of the pictures!


Leeann said...

Very cute decorations! I'm sure everyone has a blast =)

Leeann said...

Wedding Question Wednesday...I need help!! I have never planned a bridal shower before (only attended). What are the necessities for the event? Don't want to leave anything out! Thanks!!

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