Apr 8, 2008

Wedding Question Wednesday- Wedding Favors

Today's question comes from a random discussion amongst co-workers at my day job, PlasticSurgery.com. We were discussing wedding party favors. One lady asked, "is it necessary to have a favor for each guest and if so what should it be?"

This is a fabulous question! The gals of KDC Events feel that YES, it is respectful to give your guest a parting favor from your big day. Your guests spend a lot of money attending your wedding; it is nice to show them you appreciate it. We strongly feel that the favor should be one of two things:

1) Something reusable (and we don't mean a champagne glass with your name on it or bubbles). We mean something tangible! Maybe a wine stopper, candle or mini frame.

We recently tried these fabulous candles from Travertine Spa. They are Bergamot Soy Wax Candles, and they smell fantastic! It is a fragrance of fresh bergamot blended with citrus, for a soft scent. Each candle is adorned with a band of light-enhancing prisms that are beautiful and chic!

They look very elegant and would go in almost any home decor...after the wedding. You could also use them as wedding shower gifts, or gifts for your wedding party. You can purchase these directly from Travertine Spa.

2) Something edible! If the guest can eat it, the happier they are! Couples are getting very creative with this one. We have seen the traditional Hershey Kiss filled bag, and Jordan Almonds all they way to a custom candy bar catered to the bride and grooms favorite sweets.

So YES, wedding favors are necessary! Get creative and show your guests some love!


Share your favorite wedding favor with us!

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Anonymous said...

"Yes it's necessary for everyone to have one, and it should something cheap.. because I'm not made of money! But at the same time not look cheap.. so good luck with that!"

Event Education said...

I believe in choosing an unusual favor like cutesy cloud scented sachets, handbag with manicure set,Gift Box Candle in Pearlised Box with Satin Printed Ribbon, pretty hand painted flip flop placecard holders, fabulously packaged and deliciously java-scented coffee cup candles. oh there are so many. i can't list here.

Anyways keep up the good work of spreading event education.

KDC Events said...

Awesome ideas Event Education!! I agree, the more fabulous, the better!

Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

nice post! those Wedding Favors And Accessories
sure do add life to one's wedding day:)

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