May 7, 2008

Wedding Question Wednesday- Bridal Shower

Dear Wedding Question Wednesday,

I need help!! I have never planned a bridal shower before (only attended). What are the necessities for the event? I don't want to leave anything out!

Leeann (join the gossip)

Hey Leeann! Thanks for the question!

Planning a bridal shower can be so much fun, but a lot of work. Here are some tips we hope help you out!

1) Plan ahead - way in advance (at least 1 month before the wedding)
2) Cater the event towards the brides personality
3) Make it a theme all will enjoy
4) Compile a reasonable guest list for your budget
5) Give all those invited ample time to plan
6) Have fun!!

Here are a couple of interesting and helpful sites: (shower games)

I hope this helps Leeann! Let us know, and thanks for your question!


Leeann said...

Awesome! Thanks or the info. I already started checking it out =)

White Iris Designs said...

Well of course I am going to suggest that you don't forget some beautiful flowers for the event!
Check with the bride to find out what she is using for the wedding. You might choose some to go with her theme!

Wendy Goudie, Owner said...

Hi Guys, Wendy here from Gwendolyn's Gate. Thank You for all the support. I wish you could be there for the Grand Opening too! If you have any ideas to help with the event please feel free to share. Of course we will be serving libations and tasty delights - I was even thinking of having live music such as a guitar player. My girlfriends son was in the recent rounds for American Idol and made to the 4th round and I actually thought of having him there! Take care my friends and have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Mothers Day! Wendy

Jill said...

love the links!!

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