May 26, 2008

Showers- "To Drink Or Not To Drink?"

This questions always seems to surround showers, bridal or baby. Is it ok to drink? The answer...not a clear one! I guess it would all depend on the guests attending the shower. It pays to be respectful, but it also pays to have a good time!

If the shower is packed full of grandmas, aunts, little cousins, and an unapproving mother or mother in law, then I would lean towards a "NO Drinking" shower. You want your guests to feel comfortable and relaxed. Introducing any sort of alcoholic drinks may make some feel like they are outsiders.

Then again, I have been to many bridal showers that have a nice amount of drinks and the tone is correctly set. It is done in a way that is classy. It is clearly stated in the way the alcohol is presented that it is not a "who can get drunk first" and "who wants to play beer pong?" type of shower.

To do this, just serve wine and or a themed cocktail. That's it. No open bar or ice chest full of beer. There is nothing more embarrassing (or unladylike) than to have a bride and all her bridesmaids be smashed at her shower (not to mention it gives people a lot to talk about).

Keep it nice for those attending. Save the "party" for your Bachlorette shin-dig. Relax with those who are showering you with presents and wishing you well on your new journey!

Have a different opinion, let us know!

Photo credit: Denice (it's Katie at her sister Soozie's shower in 2005)


raquel roysdon said...

hurry the shower along so the older non drinkers go home and then start the real party!

KDC Events said...

lol Raquel!! I agree with you!

Jenn said...

I just went to another bridal shower this weekend and this time we had Mimosas, champagne and wine. The last one didn't have any alcohol due to religious beliefs. I have to say that this one would have been better off without the alcohol, our bride got a little too emotional!

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