Jan 28, 2011

Photographer Review ~ NikkiB Photography

I have been friends with Nicole for a few years now.  Nicole is a photographer.  She has been photographing for over 15 years. She provides indoor and outdoor photo sessions. Nicole's specialty sessions are Maternity, Newborn, Children, Families, & Seniors. We  recently went to a local park to shoot some sample photos for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day with my kiddos...the stars that they are! I had a chance to talk a little "shop" with her:

Q: What made you decide to be a photographer?

A: My dad started me at the age of 12 assisting him at weddings, I was cheap labor and he trusted me. As I got older he put a camera in my hands and I began to shoot photo journalistic photos while assisting him. There was no better feeling than when I saw the look on my dads face when he was proud of me because I captured a great photo!! As I got older, and got my BS in Business, I started working for my dad at his studio. Since I was older and had more confidence and already had so much experience, I began shooting my own stuff!! There is no better feeling than the response from people who love the images I capture for them. Its a snap shot of time in their life that they will get to look at forever!!

Q: How long have you been a photographer?
A: Well I guess you could say since I was 12...so 16 years. I have been shooting my own work though for the last 8 years.

Q: What is your favorite subject to photograph?
A: I love kids and babies, but recently I have really been in to maternity photos.

Q: What was your all time best shoot?
A: Wow, that one is tuff!! all my shoots are very different. I did one on my good friends kitchen table with her new born nephew. The mother was very emotional because she had been through a miscarriage and lost a baby brother when she was little. I think the newness of her baby was very scary for her, but in the middle of our session she really adjusted and I saw her eyes light up. When we started she was very disconnected, and when she became engaged with her newborn it was an amazing feeling and sight to see!

Q: What is your best advice for those looking for a photographer to photograph their event?
A: Just call me!! I'm the best. haha. My best advice...Do NOT book some one based on their web site. You need to see more samples, and make sure you see samples from start to finish of the same event. With digital photography the field is flooded with amateurs who could afford to buy a digital camera. Unlike film, there is no cost to capture thousands of images and edit down to the few "good" ones. Many of the so called photographers get a few great shots, create a web site and are suddenly a "professional photographer". The problem is that those images they show you were created out of pure luck! They have no clue about settings, ratios of light, posing, etc. The problem with luck is that you are not always lucky, so that photographer may show up to photograph your event, and not get lucky.

You need to know that your photographer truly knows their craft and can capture great photos in any given environment. Also, there are some very creative photographers, but for an event you should make sure they are organized as well. For events like weddings, the photographer must be good at managing their time and really making sure the day's timing is on schedule.

Thanks Nicole for sharing! Nicole has also offered KDC readers a special for the upcoming holidays

Mothers/ Fathers Day Session $75.00
Session and disk- 2 panels 10 images
(spell out mommy and daddy)
Just contact her at
nikki_boz@hotmail.com or 626-391-3455

Now go out and get some photos!!


Photo Credit: NikkiB Photography

Jan 26, 2011

Wedding Question Wednesday ~ Bridesmaid Dress Drama

Our question this week comes from Emily (scribbles from emily):

Question: I let my bridesmaids pick out their dresses, and they can't agree on anything. Well, except that they don't like whatever I suggest. The deadline for ordering dresses is coming up, what should I do?

Answer:  Wow Emily, you are a nice bride! This is actually what a lot of brides are doing in today's weddings. One suggestion might be that YOU choose the color and style (short, long, sleeves or no sleeves) and leave the rest up to the ladies.

Give your bridesmaids simple guidelines, yet freedom at the same time.  By doing this, you will not only let them find a dress that they are comfortable in, but also that they will fee confident in wearing. This helps you to have fantastic photos!

Make sure you have an "alternate" dress chosen, at a reasonable price so that if someone is unable to find something they like, they have to take the alternate to be in the wedding. This ensures that all dresses are ordered on time.

Many bridal stores are even getting in on this idea. They are offering lots of dresses, in lots of styles all in the same color pallet so they match. Check out David's Bridal and Alfred Anglo.  I know they both cater to this since I have recently used both of them!

One of our close friends and recent bride Millie, did this.  She had a Beach wedding in San Diego and a large amount of bridesmaids.  She gave them the specifications of color (black) and style (short).  Millie also let them choose their own shoes as long as they were 1) Fabulous and 2) yellow.  Here is a shot form her wedding:

Also check out our last post on Bridesmaids and Dress shopping.

Hope this helps!


Photo Credit: Photography By Soozie

Jan 22, 2011

The Valentini

The Valentini ~ A custom made drink, especially for KDC Events from the King Of Martinis~Dan Minjares.  Now that's an impressive gift!

Make in an Ice-Filled Cocktail Shaker

1.5 oz Stoli Raspberry Vodka

.75 oz Chambord

1.5 oz Cranberry Juice

.50 oz Triple Sec

2 Squeezes of Fresh Lime

Splash of Simple Syrup

Shaken and Strained into a Martini Glass

Float with a splash of Champagne

Garnish with a Cherry or Fresh Raspberry

Happy Valentines Day!


Photo Credit: Dan and Momma Mary =)

Jan 19, 2011

Wedding Question Wednesday ~ Reception on a Budget

Hello all! I am so excited to be back with Wedding Question Wednesday! I alwyas loved how many questions we received, and how much we were able to help all of our fans and readers. We hope this 2011 edition of Wedding Question Wednesday is just what you ordered.

Please feel free to send us your questions and concerns wedding related.  We also would love to help with ALL your event related questions, so send them in!

Our first question of 2011 comes to us from Jill.  She is the author of Strawberry Freckles, super cute blog, check it out.

Q: Is it possible to have a ceremony/reception for less than $1,000. no flowers, no attendants, no frills...just people and food and music.

A: Of course it is Jill! The first thing you are going to have to do is accept the fact that you are not going to have a lavish event. I have helped give MANY wedding/events that are "do it yourself" and on a strict budget. The key is to PLAN AHEAD here are some tips:

1) Utilize your "network of contacts" If you are having a ceremony, get someone you know who will perform it as their gift to you. If you are already legally hitched, there is no need to have someone ordained, just someone who can give a nice ceremonial address.  IF you are not legally hitched already, you can look into having a friend ordained. Either way, getting someone you know to "gift" you the ceremony helps eliminate the cost.

2) Another way to utilize your "network of contacts" is to get your people to help out. Have the event at home or a relatives home (saves the facility rental cost). Ask your family and close friends to help cater your event. Almost potluck style, but better organized!! This is another area you can ask for "gifted" items. If you know someone who makes cakes, ask for their help!

3) DJ your own event by creating a your own music play list. You may need to borrow or rent sound equipment, but that's ok!  Ask an energetic friend or family member to MC the event to keep it rolling.

4) If table rentals are out of the question, start collecting borrowed tables/chairs ahead of time. Sometimes your church will let you use them =) Same goes with table cloths.

5) Make your own giveaways. A great idea for a giveaway is a homemade CD with a personalized photo cover. You can make them yourself and package them really cute.  Here is one we did:

6) Make your own centerpiece.  Keep it simple. Here are ones we did a t a wedding with the flowers from Costco and the vase from the 99 cent store. The photo frames were also home made. Photos printed by the maid of honor and the frame was painted black. Super easy!

7) Put up LOTS of white lights! That makes any event better and sets a great mood. I would steer clear of balloons...those belong at birthday parties, not weddings. Also add your own touch. Tulle is nice touch.  We even made chair bows with ribbon from the 99 cent store and flowers from the dollar tree!

8) Limit your guest list. The more people, the more moooolah!

9) Ask a friend to take photos.  I know that these are your memories, but it is hard to find a photographer when on a strict budget.  If you know one who is a friend...ask them to gift it! OR try trading for service.  It is also fun to create a "photo op" to keep things fun. Here is one we did at an anniversary party:

and last but not least...
10) HAVE FUN! Make the day about you and your new hubby. The event should reflect YOU two as a couple.

Here are a few website links that are a great resource:

Good Luck! Let us know how it turnes out =)


Photo Credit: Us

Jan 13, 2011

Wedding Question Wednesday ~ Returning!

Yup, I am thinking about the return of Wedding Question Wednesday.  Why you say? Well I have attended a few weddings in the last year and I KNOW there are questions out there...I can see/hear it!

So, tell your friends, SUBMIT your questions and we will answer them.

We are willing to help, for free!

Ask us anything, ideas, questions, thoughts...we are here to help!


Photo Credit: Kano Photography

Jan 9, 2011

The Troll Cake

Katie and Cindy are at it again being UBER creative. Their grandma recently had a milestone birthday and they took to creating her a fabulous cake.  This had to be a cake that was fun, and could also feed lots of people.

Here is a little background on what they were dealing with:

1) Their family is from Norwegian ancestry.
2) Their grandma is a bubbly lady, full of energy!
3) They all grew up in a mountain town (skiing, snow, lodges etc.).
4) They come from a HUGE family.
5)They have family from Minnesota.

Ok with that, here is the TROLL CAKE!

REMEMBER, they were 100% , hand-crafted Trolls from molding clay, all by these ladies.  They spent lots of time creating them, see:

What can I say, these ladies can do it all!  See, the cake is even edible!!


Photo Credit:
Photography by Soozie and Katie

Jan 2, 2011

Happy 2011!

We hope every one's New Year is off to a great start!  We hope to bring you lots of fun  ideas and tips this coming year. Check back soon!

KDC =)

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