Jan 26, 2011

Wedding Question Wednesday ~ Bridesmaid Dress Drama

Our question this week comes from Emily (scribbles from emily):

Question: I let my bridesmaids pick out their dresses, and they can't agree on anything. Well, except that they don't like whatever I suggest. The deadline for ordering dresses is coming up, what should I do?

Answer:  Wow Emily, you are a nice bride! This is actually what a lot of brides are doing in today's weddings. One suggestion might be that YOU choose the color and style (short, long, sleeves or no sleeves) and leave the rest up to the ladies.

Give your bridesmaids simple guidelines, yet freedom at the same time.  By doing this, you will not only let them find a dress that they are comfortable in, but also that they will fee confident in wearing. This helps you to have fantastic photos!

Make sure you have an "alternate" dress chosen, at a reasonable price so that if someone is unable to find something they like, they have to take the alternate to be in the wedding. This ensures that all dresses are ordered on time.

Many bridal stores are even getting in on this idea. They are offering lots of dresses, in lots of styles all in the same color pallet so they match. Check out David's Bridal and Alfred Anglo.  I know they both cater to this since I have recently used both of them!

One of our close friends and recent bride Millie, did this.  She had a Beach wedding in San Diego and a large amount of bridesmaids.  She gave them the specifications of color (black) and style (short).  Millie also let them choose their own shoes as long as they were 1) Fabulous and 2) yellow.  Here is a shot form her wedding:

Also check out our last post on Bridesmaids and Dress shopping.

Hope this helps!


Photo Credit: Photography By Soozie


Rene W. said...

What a FUN career you have :) Love event planning & weddings even more! Thanks so much for visiting my blog today - I'm following right back!

(Florida) Girl said...

Great advice. My friend recently picked a dress color and has let me do the rest in my bridesmaid dress selection. How fun.

Anonymous said...

Merci d'avoir un blog interessant

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