Jan 22, 2011

The Valentini

The Valentini ~ A custom made drink, especially for KDC Events from the King Of Martinis~Dan Minjares.  Now that's an impressive gift!

Make in an Ice-Filled Cocktail Shaker

1.5 oz Stoli Raspberry Vodka

.75 oz Chambord

1.5 oz Cranberry Juice

.50 oz Triple Sec

2 Squeezes of Fresh Lime

Splash of Simple Syrup

Shaken and Strained into a Martini Glass

Float with a splash of Champagne

Garnish with a Cherry or Fresh Raspberry

Happy Valentines Day!


Photo Credit: Dan and Momma Mary =)


Jill said...

yum is right!!

KDC Events said...

I know huh Jill!! I am DYING to make it =)

Anonymous said...

Oh that sounds great!! thanks! :D

Anonymous said...

Saying hi from SITS! Oh this drink sounds wonderful. The float of champagne and the raspberry vodka must really take this one over the top. Thanks for sharing!

Style, She Wrote said...

YUM! What a delish drink. I will have to show that to my BF so he makes it for V-Day! xo style, she wrote

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

Bookmarked! This sounds yummy.

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