Jan 9, 2011

The Troll Cake

Katie and Cindy are at it again being UBER creative. Their grandma recently had a milestone birthday and they took to creating her a fabulous cake.  This had to be a cake that was fun, and could also feed lots of people.

Here is a little background on what they were dealing with:

1) Their family is from Norwegian ancestry.
2) Their grandma is a bubbly lady, full of energy!
3) They all grew up in a mountain town (skiing, snow, lodges etc.).
4) They come from a HUGE family.
5)They have family from Minnesota.

Ok with that, here is the TROLL CAKE!

REMEMBER, they were 100% , hand-crafted Trolls from molding clay, all by these ladies.  They spent lots of time creating them, see:

What can I say, these ladies can do it all!  See, the cake is even edible!!


Photo Credit:
Photography by Soozie and Katie


Style, She Wrote said...

That is totally awesome! And it looks yummy, too! xo

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Wow! They are So creative! The trolls remind me of the Lambrymth hehe :)

I'm part Norwegian, maybe that's why I'm short hehe...and then combined with Irish. I was doomed from the start ;)

KDC Events said...

@Leeann- you are too funny!

The Nice One said...

That is the COOLEST cake. Wow, for a second there I felt like I was on the Maelstrom in Epcot!

Date Girl said...

I have to admit, those trolls are a little scary. But hand crafted? That's awesome. The cake is adorable. I love that the cake stand is a tree stump! Very creative.

Cori Lynn Berg said...

Hahahaha! How much fun! I love the picture of her leaning in and looking so carefully at all those trolls!

Okay, now you have to look at this.. I've always wanted to make this troll! Not my design.. soo cute hehehe


Cori Lynn Berg said...

oops sorry.. that was the pattern i posted.. not the pics...

Here they are.. make sure you see both lol.. the backside is impt! hehe

KDC Events said...

Cori those are super cute! Thanks for sharing!

Grandma Nina said...

I loved trolls when I was a little girl! Had a whole collection of them. Cute idea.
Thanks for visiting my blog today. So nice to meet you.

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