Jan 19, 2011

Wedding Question Wednesday ~ Reception on a Budget

Hello all! I am so excited to be back with Wedding Question Wednesday! I alwyas loved how many questions we received, and how much we were able to help all of our fans and readers. We hope this 2011 edition of Wedding Question Wednesday is just what you ordered.

Please feel free to send us your questions and concerns wedding related.  We also would love to help with ALL your event related questions, so send them in!

Our first question of 2011 comes to us from Jill.  She is the author of Strawberry Freckles, super cute blog, check it out.

Q: Is it possible to have a ceremony/reception for less than $1,000. no flowers, no attendants, no frills...just people and food and music.

A: Of course it is Jill! The first thing you are going to have to do is accept the fact that you are not going to have a lavish event. I have helped give MANY wedding/events that are "do it yourself" and on a strict budget. The key is to PLAN AHEAD here are some tips:

1) Utilize your "network of contacts" If you are having a ceremony, get someone you know who will perform it as their gift to you. If you are already legally hitched, there is no need to have someone ordained, just someone who can give a nice ceremonial address.  IF you are not legally hitched already, you can look into having a friend ordained. Either way, getting someone you know to "gift" you the ceremony helps eliminate the cost.

2) Another way to utilize your "network of contacts" is to get your people to help out. Have the event at home or a relatives home (saves the facility rental cost). Ask your family and close friends to help cater your event. Almost potluck style, but better organized!! This is another area you can ask for "gifted" items. If you know someone who makes cakes, ask for their help!

3) DJ your own event by creating a your own music play list. You may need to borrow or rent sound equipment, but that's ok!  Ask an energetic friend or family member to MC the event to keep it rolling.

4) If table rentals are out of the question, start collecting borrowed tables/chairs ahead of time. Sometimes your church will let you use them =) Same goes with table cloths.

5) Make your own giveaways. A great idea for a giveaway is a homemade CD with a personalized photo cover. You can make them yourself and package them really cute.  Here is one we did:

6) Make your own centerpiece.  Keep it simple. Here are ones we did a t a wedding with the flowers from Costco and the vase from the 99 cent store. The photo frames were also home made. Photos printed by the maid of honor and the frame was painted black. Super easy!

7) Put up LOTS of white lights! That makes any event better and sets a great mood. I would steer clear of balloons...those belong at birthday parties, not weddings. Also add your own touch. Tulle is nice touch.  We even made chair bows with ribbon from the 99 cent store and flowers from the dollar tree!

8) Limit your guest list. The more people, the more moooolah!

9) Ask a friend to take photos.  I know that these are your memories, but it is hard to find a photographer when on a strict budget.  If you know one who is a friend...ask them to gift it! OR try trading for service.  It is also fun to create a "photo op" to keep things fun. Here is one we did at an anniversary party:

and last but not least...
10) HAVE FUN! Make the day about you and your new hubby. The event should reflect YOU two as a couple.

Here are a few website links that are a great resource:

Good Luck! Let us know how it turnes out =)


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Jill said...

I love the center piece idea! I'm a minimalist anyway...so I don't need a whole lot....I love the pictures...helps me focus my ideas...oh this was just a great post!

thanks for answering my question!

KDC Events said...

I hope it helps! Let us know if you have any questions =) When is the big day?

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Wow that wedding with the centerpieces...those are Costco flowers and 99 Cent store finds?! Absolutely gorgeous. I would have never guessed.

Great tips, as always, Denice!

KDC Events said...

Thanks Leeann! YES the dollar tree and 99 cent store have great finds...sometimes! When you see them, buy as many as you can!!

Costco: just pre order your flowers. All you have to do is call ahead =)

Steph said...

Those are all great ideas, I love them all!

Budget Wedding said...

Thanks for linking out to a few of my posts :) I love your blog! Beautiful pictures.

I love that CD cover - so pretty.

Shareena said...

I love all the ideas especially put up a lot of white light! I love lights and it does brings out a lot of good mood around!

Shop and Model said...

Reception in a Budget is cool.
The venue and the setting is so stunning.

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