Oct 14, 2011

3 Head-Turning Hair Dos for the Holidays!

This fall and winter seasons you can weave your way into the hottest hair trend—braids. With simple tips from the Italian born Pirri brothers to create three head-turning dos, you can sport the latest trend, both low maintenance and easy to style for the everyday look.

Fun Fishtail Side Pony
Apply Pirri Elements Lava Glaze Smooth & Relaxing Serum (www.pirrihairgroup.com), and depending on time, blow or air dry your hair. Loosely tie an elastic hair tie an inch below your neck for a loose braid. You can leave a few strands of your hair out in front to get Fergie’s look. Separate your hair in two equal sections. Begin the braid by taking about an inch of hair from your outer right side and crossing it over to the middle section (towards the inside of the left side). Repeat with the left side. Continue braiding down, taking sections and repeating the mentioned steps— while pulling your hair towards the right side to create a side braid. Tie with your hair tie, once reaching the bottom. Gently remove the elastic hair tie you loosely tied at the top, and finito!

Twisted Glam Fishtail Braid
Swing your loose locks to one side of your shoulders, after styling. Section off about two to three inches of your hair from the middle. Secure with an elastic band, and fishtail braid down to the bottom. To do so, separate your hair in two equal sections. Begin the braid by taking about an inch of hair from your outer right side and crossing it over to the middle section (towards the inside of the left side). Repeat with the left side. Continue braiding down, taking sections and repeating the mentioned steps. Grab a glam hair brooch and secure it to your hair, on top of the elastic band. To finish off the look, take your curling iron and create loose waves around your fishtail braid for an ultra glam look.

Bohemian Chic
Apply Pirri Elements Nature’s Breeze Detangler & Leave-In Conditioner (www.pirrihairgroup.com) prior to blow drying your hair to manage fly-aways. Section your front right and left side locks into two half inch pieces. Section the right side into three pieces and braid all the way down. Loosely tie the braid with an elastic band. Repeat steps on left section. Remove hair tie on right side, and tie right and left braids behind your head with an elastic band. Section off another half an inch section at the end of the connected braids, and braid the bottom into a new weave. Continuing the braid down to give you a total of three connected braids—an additional twist to Lauren Conrad’s pictured look.

About the Pirri Brothers, Piero and Luigi

Born in Italy, the Pirri Brothers first developed hair styles for the elegant salons of the southern town of Calabria, then moving to London to continue their education for advanced technical skills. Being surrounded by Europe’s most prominent talent, in a city with sharp and constantly evolving style they possess the essence of Europe at their fingertips and have created and conceptualized trend setting styles that have graced fashion and beauty magazines worldwide.

Fast forward to 2009, the Pirri brothers now have two successful salons in Greenwich, Connecticut and Eastchester, New York; and have launched their own product line, Pirri Element (www. pirrihairgroup.com).

With over 20 years of experience, the Pirri brothers want to share their knowledge and technical skill with the hairdressers of today and tomorrow. The Pirri Education Academy was designed to work with the individual to elevate their skills for cut and color to the next level.

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Jill said...

I think I have a low forehead and my hair in my face bothers me. I need a good pull back style. I'm always in a pony tail.

Denise Pacurar said...

I love all these looks!! I can't wait until my hair is long enough again to try some of these!!!

xoxo - Denise


PS: Don't forget to enter my Vintage Jewelry/Antique giveaway!!!

KDC Events said...

I just wish I knew how to do my hair! I am totally hair challenged!!

Kristy said...

I've been loving doing the braid thing. I think it is so pretty. And a great way to get your hair off your face.

Ocean Dreams said...

I love the fishtail braids - they look so pretty with long locks like these actresses have!

Meg {henninglove} said...

i am always needing cute hairstyles to wear for holiday events. thanks for posting these i will have to try these on!

Glitter & Lace Boutique said...

Hello! Do you have (or know of any) upcoming vending events? http://glitterandlaceboutique.com would LOVE to be there :)


christina (at) glitterandlaceboutique.com

Thank you!

Jules said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I love LC's hair in this post and think that would look very pretty for the holidays. I need to get better at doing my own hair and should probably start watching tutorials on YouTube.

Josie said...

I love the Lauren Conrad look! So chic.
xo Josie

KDC Events said...

If only I had longer hair I could partaken in these cute hair styles...motivation to grow it out!!!

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