Aug 16, 2010

Indiana Jones Themed Party

Katie's son recently turned 5.  He is a huge Indiana Jones fan, so what more perfect than an Indie themed party? Leave it to Katie and Cindy to create the atmosphere of a great Indiana Jones move, all while making the kids the lead role. I guess you could say kids parties are our favorite to do!

The party was held at Momma Labonte's house (because of the pool).  the kids were able to swim and have fun.  Cindy set up a great obstacle course for your young Indiana Jones and guests to run through.  It was so fun.  While the kids were running through the course, looking for their treasure and artifacts, we the parents, were shooting "poison"darts (q-tips out of straws) at them.  It was so funny, and the kids thought it was great!

Cindy and Katie made each kid their own hat, whip and satchels. All by hand of course!

The cake was another momma Labonte original, complete with Lego Indiana Jones characters.

For food we kept it simple (I know...simple right), hot dogs and hamburgers. BUT we did have the "poison" drink (blue koolaid) and the "antidote" drink (lemonade).  Complete with slithering snakes.

This was a great idea for a kids party!  If you are interested in the satchels (which were made from dish towels) and whips, let us know...we could do a "how to" post on them!


Photo credit: me!


Lisa Madden Bass said...

This is just too precious...I am sure the kids had a super time! I found you through the Blog Frog, and am very happy to meet you. I look forward to more great posts and party ideas!
My blog is All Things Wonderful,


Oh Honestly Erin said...

This is absolutely outstanding! What a great idea for a party; sure beats all that Hannah Montana crap out there!

The drink selection is brilliant, lol.

Anonymous said...

That is sooo freaking creative. It is all very cute! :)

KDC Events said...

@lisa- Thanks Lisa! Looking forward to chatting!

@Erin- I thought Katie did a great job with the drink idea as well...she's SO creative!

@maggie- Thanks!!!

Jamee @ A New Kind of Normal said...

What a cute party theme! So fun!

Karyn Climans said...

My kids would have LOVED an Indiana Jones party. What fun!
I'm here from Blog Frog:

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Karen said...

What a fun idea for a kidlets birthday party! And its always so nice when there are elements & fun that is not prepackaged from the local party store. Love the legos as cake decorations & will have to remember that! :>

Join the Gossip said...

Way cute! You ladies are so talented!! :D

KDC Events said...

@Jamee- Thanks =)

@Karyn- I am going to check out that helmet cover right now! Thanks for sharing =)

@Karen- I love doing a more creative party and not buying everything from the store, although sometimes the stor can't be beat!!

@JointheGossip- As always, thaks for being a great cheerleader for us, we heart you!

Leslie said...

When it is time to throw my baby shower (because I am sort of crazy and whoever will throw my shower will just be my puppet and I will be running things) I am definitely coming here!

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