Jan 4, 2008

2008...What are your goals?

So it is officially 2008...HAPPY NEW YEAR!

With the beginning of the new year comes the promise of new resolutions. So this year I have vowed to NOT make the standard resolution of "I would like to lose weight" or "I vow to work out more".

NOT THIS YEAR!!! I decided to make a resolution that I could actually strive for and work towards without feeling like a broken record. So, my 2008 New Years Resolution is to become successful in my own venture...KDC Events. I am not saying I want it to be uber successful this year, but my goal is to successfully plan and execute at least one major event.

So, now that I have committed it to writing, I better get cracking on finding a client! If you know of anyone seeking an event planner, Hit us up!

Let us know what your 2008 Resolutions are!!


Leeann said...

Sounds like a great New Year's resolution! Good luck with everything in 2008 ladies!

c.a.e. said...

I think this is a fantastic New Year's Resolution! In fact it is mine also! Fancy that! :-)

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