Jan 26, 2008

White Wedding?

So it appears that the new trend in 2008 weddings are anything but traditional. As I searched the Internet, I came across many sites that were touting, White is out, and Black is in. Black? You got it, and not just black, brides are turning to red too.


Gone are the days were the bride wore a traditional white dress. Many up and coming gals are looking for a dress that better shows their personality. While they are still classy, they are not your moms dress.

Mori Lee

Alfred Angelo

There are some great posts on another wedding blog, Parisian Party, which discusses upcoming trends in Paris. They seem to really be embracing the Black Wedding Dress!

So what are your thoughts? Traditional Bride or Up and coming Fashionista? Let us know!

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Photo credits: Alfred Angelo, Mori Lee & Formal Dresses 4U


hija4 said...

I'd like someone to show wedding pictures of a bride in a black dress. Gorgeous dress too by the way. What color dress would the mother of the bride wear?
Who's buying it?

KDC Events said...

I love this idea!!! Very chic!!! I love the idea of cocktail length also!!!

KDC Events said...

It was very difficult to find photos of Black Wedding dresses. They mostly looked like glorified prom dresses.

I think the mother could wear any color. Maybe whatever color the bride chose as the accent color.

There are more and more brides turning away from the "pure white dress"

We will keep our eyes peeled!!!

Anonymous said...

Just passing by, but I had to input;
There's only one person I have met who I would be inclined to wed, and it's an other she... But neither of us would wear a tux... She'd definitely wear a dress and my choice would depend on hers. If she's in white then I'd go for a black and white dress, to remind of a Tux :P If she choses something else; cold colours I'd go in purple, warm tones I'd go in red.
I think in our time and age it is better for people to turn away from the traditional white if only because of the original symbolism. White was for purity and virginity but a lot of women now are not virgins by the time they marry. Those who are, I believe are more deserving and true to wear white (I don't mean this in a criticizing way)

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