Jan 12, 2008

A Valentine Wedding Favor

I am a huge fan of wine (as all my friends know), so when I came across this fabulous wine stopper I had to post something on it!

This is the perfect wedding favor for those Valentine Nuptials! Or for those of us who have been married for years, a nice Valentine day gift.

I found this on BridalPeople.com. It is made of chrome and rubber. SUPER CUTE, and it is very reasonably priced. Check it out!

Photo credit: http://www.bridalpeople.com/valentines-day/10102.asp

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Chic Girl said...

That is the cutest thing! What a great wedding present.

Leeann said...

Great idea! My friend is getting married and this would make a great gift. It could even work as an anniversary gift!

KDC Events said...

It's so elegant and pretty huh! I just might order myself one!

Anonymous said...

Really cute!!!! Great value!!!

c.a.e. said...

That is a great find! Not a dust collector and is useful! Good idea Denice.

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