Dec 29, 2007

New Years Events

So with the New Year quickly approaching, I was wondering, "What is everyone doing?" Are you hosting a huge Soiree, or having a low key get together? Personally I am having a low key get together with a few of my close friends.
After a crazy year, a night spent with close friends is all I want.

Someday, we here at KDC Events are going to plan and Host the most extravagant New Years Event! Ahhhhh. to dream! Someday it will be a reality!

So, tell us some of your great New Years Events! We want to hear about them!


Chic Girl said...

Happy New Year! What an exciting year this will be for you gals. So glad we met!

Elana said...

Yes, I agree Beth. This is destined to be a fabulous year! Again Denice, so glad you're going forward with your event planning business.

KDC Events said...

Thanks Ladies! We are excited! We think both of you are FABULOUS!

MuDiva said...

Happy New Year ladies! I hope 2008 will bring you lots of success and happiness your way! Love you gals.

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