Dec 6, 2010

Super Cute Place- cards- DIY

My Mother in Law made the cutest napkin ring holders for Thanksgiving. She got the idea from the Family Fun web site. They were SO SUPER cute! Here they are:

They were so simple to make. Here is what you need:
1) Black poster board
2) Photos of family or friends
3) Glue stick
4) White paper
5) Tape
6) White Crayon

So, this has now become our NEW holiday tradition! We will be making them for Christmas too! I am thinking Elves and Snowmen... =)

My mother in law also made this SUPER cute appetizer:



Photo Credit: Me!


Steph said...

These are so adorable!!!

Amy at TheSceneFromMe said...

That turkey pumpkin with fruit and cheese is a fabulous idea!!

KDC Events said...

Thanks Steph and Amy! Wait till Christmas =)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

O...M...G...are these adorable!

Crafty Lumberjacks said...

So clever!!!!

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