Dec 29, 2010

Christmas Fun!

Here are some of the fun ideas we did this holiday:

Reindeer Hat:
- poster board
- brown card stock paper
- red gumdrop or pompom
- googlie eyes
- glue
- stapler

Cut the poster board to fit around the child's (or adults) head.  Trace and cut out hand prints on the brown stock paper, assemble:

Reindeer Food:
- baggie
- oatmeal
- white sugar
- brown sugar
- red and green sugar sprinkles

Trev putting out his Reindeer Food!

Coming SOON: Christmas place cards!!!


Photo Credit: ME!

1 comment:

LBDDiaries said...

I love this idea - reindeer food - you have the best ideas! Oh, I guess that's why you're in event planning - duh! Love wandering thru your site getting ideas!!

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