Dec 21, 2010

Need Great Invitations or Cards?

I was approached by my friend Angie, she owns Flowlines Design Flowlines Design, Inc., and asked if she could use my family's photo for samples on her web site for holiday cards.  My response..."You want to use MY family photo?!" Wow!! What an honor! So, I sent over a few pics and waited to see our shining moment.

Here we are:

Here is Angie's cute family:

If you are in the market for great, quality cards or invitations, call her or check out her web site!  She is professional and QUICK!  The Holiday cards I received were so beautiful (some of you are receiving them in your mail box's soon, if not already) and not too bad on price.  Yes, I did receive a discount from her for pimping out my family, but even with out that, I would order from her.

I will post my card after the holiday, as I do not want to ruin the surprise for those of you whom have not received yours yet!

MERRY CHRISTMAS Friends, and a BIG thank you to Angie =)


Photo Credit: Me and Flowlines Design


LBDDiaries said...

And it is such a beautiful pimped family, too! You guys look great - I will check her out, for sure! Thanks for visiting me today and commenting - I'm your newest follower!!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

So sweet! Love your family pics, Denice. :-)

KDC Events said...

Thanks Ladies!!

Brenna @ Almost All The Truth said...

Lovely! What a beautiful family.

McKenna said...

Great picture, I'm embarrassed to say that we didn't even manage to get out a holiday picture card this year. We moved right before Christmas so things were crazy... I'm hoping no one noticed! Anyway, your's is gorgeous! Stopping by from SITS.

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