Jul 9, 2010

The Summer Sun and Your Skin

Ok, we all know I (Denice) avoid sun exposure. I do not tan like Katie and Cindy, I BURN! Thus... I just avoid it. If I need color, I have found that the alternatives work best for me (Mystic tanning). BUT, I am very strict in wearing my sunscreen, even though I don't plan on baking. I wear it daily to protect myself from the harmful rays of the sun. I have been using Neutragina, but have found it leaves my skin oily.

In my quest to find something better to protect my skin, an interesting email popped into my inbox form my pals over at KMR Communication, regarding Sothys and their Sun Care line. Although I have not tried the Sothys products, it did intrigue me. So, I am sharing it with you for your thoughts and opinions, here we go:

Legendary French skincare company, Sothys, has recognized the sun’s importance in daily life and as a result has created a range of sun care products designed to maximize your summer fun without fear of skin damage. Sothys believes the benefits of sun exposure, including mood enhancement and Vitamin D production, can be capitalized on safely if you choose the correct product to protect your skin.

Under the Cellu-Guard® line, Sothys has created products with sun protection factors ranging from SPF 8 to SPF 30 as well as a soothing lotion for after-sun care.
Sun Sensitive Areas Care with SPF 30: A care that protects from free radicals and photo-aging during intense sunlight exposure. Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, it is particularly suitable for sensitive skin Price: $40 (1.7 fl. oz.)

Iridescent Tanning Gel with SPF 8: A protective tanning gel containing tan boosting active ingredients to help intensify and accelerate a natural-looking tan. Price: $44 (5 fl. oz.)

Tanning Body Lotion with SPF 20: A soft, light and milky formula for a pleasant tan and ultra-effective protection. Perfect for all day and suitable for face and body application, it is water-resistant, sweat-resistant. Price: $52 (5 fl. oz.)

Soothing After-Sun Body Care: A refreshing fluid which softens the skin immediately after exposure with soothing active ingredients. Through its care actives, it prevents photo-induced aging, and hydrate* the skin to restore it to its full radiance. Price: $40 (5 fl. oz.)
A little history on Sothys:
In 1946, Sothys was a beauty institute in Paris, where a list of exclusive customers enjoyed fine French products created by Dr. Hotz, a medical biologist. Sothys was acquired by the Mas family in 1966 and chairman Bernard Mas decided to add to the beautiful Sothys range and increase its availability. By 1970 Sothys had entered the United States market under the direction of esthetician Christian Garces. Sothys became an instant hit for estheticians looking for a professional, results- oriented product line.

Over two decades later, it continues to be the forerunner in an extremely demanding industry. Much of Sothys' success is due to its focus on education. Not content to simply sell its products, Sothys offers continuous, complementary education to estheticians and therapists who want to learn not just about the products, but about the industry in general. At the Sothys Institute in Miami, and at regional Sothys offices across the Nation, classes are offered, with topics ranging from hands-on body workshops to cosmetic chemistry.

For more information, please visit sothys-usa.com.

Photo Credit: KMR Communications
DISCLAIMER: I was not provided this product for testing, nor have I ever tried them, this is an informational post only.


Life Without Pink said...

I always burn in the sun so I HATE laying out or even being out there. This sounds like a great product and I am always looking for something new that protects my skin. I usually end up wearing my kids' sunscreen, lol.

KDC Events said...

LOL, I find I use my kids sunscreen too and it feels like I am wearing a wetsuite!

Miss Janice said...

Oh, I should be ashamed to say that I exercise outdoors and don't use sunscreen! I have some...just don't take the time to put it on. These products sound good and I just may have to try them:)

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