Jul 24, 2010

6 Great Ideas for a Summer Party

Part of my 31 Day Build a Better Blog Challenge, I needed to create a list post, so here is my attempt: 6 Great Ideas for a Summer Party! Have fun reading =)

There are only a few more weeks of Summer left, it has gone by so fast.  I can't let Summer come to an end without one more blow out, so I started thinking up some ideas.  I narrowed the list down to 6, super fun, summer party ideas.  Check them out and let me know which one sounds like the most fun. 

Did I leave any great ideas out? If so, fill me in!!

Kids Summer Fun Party
For this idea, you can incorporate all the things kids love about Summer: 
- Water balloon fights
- Swimming / Slip-n-slides
- Water gun fights
- Watermelon
- Hot dogs and hamburgers
- Fun treats: My favorite sweet oriented blog, Save The Date for Cupcakes,  has a  bunch of great displays:
~ Rainbow & Race Cars
~ Red, White and Blue Backyard BBQ
~ Splash Bash

Outdoor Cocktail Party
This one is for the adults, unless you make your cocktails "G"rated! There are so many things you can do for this one.
- Wine Tasting
- Margarita Tasting
- A funky glass exchange
- Lots of yummy finger foods
- Create a "Wine" club or "Beer" club and discuss likes and dislikes (similar to a book club)
- Find lots of yummy drink recipes at Celebrations web site
- Do a Wine/Cocktail exchange where everyone brings their favorite and you share (like a cookie exchange)

Beach Party
The Beach Party is a classic Summer must have.  If you are nowhere near a beach, you can always create one in your own back yard. Just get some blow-up pools, bags of sand and lots of friends. Some necessities:
- Beach balls
- Beach umbrellas
- Picnic lunch
- Bon fire
- Boogie boards
- Beach attire
- Kites
- Sand toys
- Creative Beach Cupcakes

Summer BBQ Pool Party
- Pool rafts
- Bubbles
- Cannon ball contest
- Fruity drinks
- Safe (and legal) fire works
- Watermelon pops
- Have a pool scavanger hunt

Camp Out Party
- Smores (try Peach Smores)
- Build a camp fire
- Pitch some tents and sleep in your backyard
- Roast hot dogs on hamburgers
- Tell ghost stories

Christmas in July
You guessed it. Make your Christmas decorations work over-time this year by getting your
garland, tree ornaments, and artificial Christmas tree down from the attic...for instant
holiday atmosphere.
- Surfing Santa
- Christmas tree made from a palm tree
- Snow ball fights (made from white, nylon filled fabric)
- Cookie decorating (but use watermelon as the cookie!)

I hope you enjoy these ideas! Happy end of Summer!


Photo credits: ME!
Watermelon ideas: Family Fun Magazine


Anonymous said...

Those are awesome ideas!! Thanks for sharing! And the pictures are adorable! :D

Anonymous said...

Oh, I bet your parties are SO much fun! Stopping by from 31 day challenge!
Come visit when you can!

Alana, Author of Domestically Challenged said...

Great post - great ideas. My favorite is the beach party, simply because there isn't a beach anywhere near me. :)

Alana, Author of Domestically Challenged said...

OK, trying this again. This is a great post. My fave is the beach party, mostly because I don't have a beach anywhere near me. :)

Patty Reiser said...

Great List Post. Summertime is the perfect time to celebrate life.

Kat said...

Great ideas! I've posted a link on my blog to this - perhaps to increase your traffic - to give more people ideas on how to make the summer last (if only in their memories when winter rolls around)

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